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This past September 11th, I found myself reading an article, and at the end was the list of all the victims from 9/11. I was overwhelmed by the length, it just kept going. Nearly 3,000 names. I spent hours & hours that day going through, listing and formating each of the names to fit the silhouette of the Twin Towers. I couldn't help but think, with each name I typed, that it was someone's Child, Mom, Dad, Grandpa, Grandma, Sister, Brother, Cousin, Husband, Wife Or Friend. And then, I got to a name that truly made my heart hurt, "Patricia Ann Cimaroli Massari And Her Unborn Child" As the hours went by, she wasn't The only one... Deanna Lynn Galante And Her Unborn Child, Lauren Catuzzi Grandcolas And Her Unborn Child, Jennifer L. Howley And Her Unborn Child, Helen Crossin Kittle And Her Unborn Child, Vanessa Lang Langer And Her Unborn Child, Renée A. May And Her Unborn Child, Sylvia San Pio Resta And Her Unborn Child, Rahma Salie And Her Unborn Child, Dianne T. Signer And Her Unborn Child, and Monica Rodriguez Smith And Her Unborn Child. All the lives lost that day were tragic, but as a mom, this just hit very close to home... their chance at life was stolen from them. So many were affected by the happenings that day, and my heart goes out to those who continue to grieve.

Karyn Jimenez-Elliott
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