Viilea mobile app

About the client

Viilea is part of a revolutional food service solution from Helsinki, Finland. Their costomers order groceries online and couriers deliver it to customers Viilea boxes where they can pick them up when it suits them best.

Viilea foodmailbox combines features of a mailbox and a fridge. It is designed to receive groceries and other goods purchased online. It’s placed outdoors next to a garage or front door and courier delivers shopping while customers are busy doing other things.

The challange

Our client was looking for solution that will connect their customer and delivery couriers in a easy and smooth process. Necessary was also a tool to control and manage the whole process.

The solution

After workshops with the client we decided that the best solution will be to build 3 separated applications - mobile application for the customers, mobile application for the delivery couriers and web application for backoffice employees.

My work

I worked on this project in Speednet company with a group of developers, project manager and product owners.

My first step was to design user experience, including user journeys and user flows, intuitive for all user types of these three applications. Second step was to design modern, minimalistic and elegant user interface. For this purpose I used simple easy to read font, subtle gradients and big yet delicate shadows.

Marcin Banaszek
I'm a happy and friendly designer open for remote projects.

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