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Smart companies knows that they need to always find the way to optimize their business model and operation. Especially in this day and age, the digital transformation is inevitable. Not being a science fiction anymore, right at this moment, AI can help you to transform your business.
One of the ways, for brands to make a use of AI, is a chatbot. Not only it can replace a human counterpart in a customer’s support and sales but - for the first time ever - your mascots can truly represent your business and win people’s attention and affection.
Onteractive, as a digital design company, always keeps a close attention to the new trends and experimental design as well as its innovative use. This is our latest concept - mascot / character design mix with AI. We believe that this will bring the whole new and exciting way for the customers to interact with your business and will help you to take a first step to optimizing your it, doesn’t matter the size.
This is also my debut shot in a collaboration with our talented animator / 3D artist Phuc Tran
Character Design & Design Direction Alex H.
Hope you guys like it!

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