Hello, Dribbblers! ✌️😊

We are pleased to join this community and introduce our team – Seven Metrics.

What are we doing? Our main specialization is the creation of digital products and platforms (SaaS, CRM, ERP, PMS, ISO)

How do we solve problems? Research, prototyping, and design are the three pillars that our customers love us for.

In this work, the task was to redesign the internal admin interface for accountants who are preparing documents. Specifically, this page is responsible for internal communication between employees and customers. This kind of "warehouse" of everything that happens inside the company.

The goal is completed, the interface is simplified and embellished with new features.

Feedback from you is also important. See ya! 😉

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Seven Metrics
UX/UI design for web, desktop & mobile SaaS applications

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