Jantine Zandbergen

Sword (...or is it? 😂)

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If you know my work a bit it might not surprise you I really love to design with geometric, vector-based shapes in Illustrator. Grids, symmetry and perfect circles: yes please! 💕 I usually do this on my iMac, drawing with a pen and tablet. However, from time to time I like to spend some time aways from my desk and computer. Here’s where the iPad comes in!

I’ve been practicing drawing like I would in Illustrator, yet using the non-vector based program ProCreate on my iPad, drawing everything by hand with the Apple pencil. It’s a lot of fun to do! The symmetry might not be perfect, but – together with the grainy textures by True Grit Texture Supply – make for an exciting new style.

Also: the illustration started as a sword, yet the hilt turned into something quite unusable 😆 Fingers crossed we won’t ever find ourselves in a battle with this as our weapon 😂

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