Pono Custom Font

Introducing: Pono - the custom font by Pono Design Studio. We are excited to have created a custom brand font for ourselves based on our logo. After designing the logo with custom letters, we naturally envisioned what the rest of the characters would look like. We've always wanted to create a custom font, but it seemed like such a tedious and daunting project to take on. We did some research and came across Fontself which is an extension for Illustrator and Photoshop that exports OpenType font files. It seemed too good to be true, but it exceeded our expectations. All we had to do was create every character in Illustrator, adjust the kerning for each letter, and save out the OTF file. You can even publish and host the fonts for your website. You can literally create a custom font for print and web in just a day with Fontself (https://www.fontself.com/).

Design mock up files by: Deepyellow & Dribbble Graphics.

City photography by: Aleksandar Pasaric, Recal Media, & Alex Powell (https://www.pexels.com/)

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