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Mission Control icon

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In recent years, the desktop of Mac OSX is using space as a theme.
(For example, default desktop picture is the galaxy, the names of applications — Spaces.app, Mission Control.app, Launchpad icon is rocket)
Then, I thought the Mission Control.app icon should have space imagine.

I drew the astronaut's puppet show icon, since it was not interesting even if it made a thing literally like the mission control room of NASA.

This stage background of this puppet show is the Desktop of MacOSX. The astronaut puppet is expressing “control” of Desktop. It is the story of the astronaut who carries out a user's command (mission) .

When I considered the design of this, these shots gave me the hints.
Dribbble - Robot Puppet by Miki.I (woopsdez)
Dribbble - Hider by Dmitry Novikov
icns file download link

1024px view : MissionControl_icon_view1024px.png

Self-valuation : Each picture in this icon is too small and these whole pictures are not suitable as an icon.
It is always my bad peculiarity. (´・ω・`)
Please feedback your opinion.


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