Playstation 5 Interface Concept - Home Screen and Notificaiton

I've been workin on a side project for a Playstation 5 interface concept since November. Recently I stumbled upon a similar concept by Marcin Szetela ( which had some very similar elements and ideas. Marcin was kind enough to let me rebound my project off of his shot.

The concept is made entirely in Adobe XD, including the transitions and this is just the first shot of multiple I plan to publish on Dribbble.

The concept is based on 3 pillars:
1. Clarity of the designs (with the focus on the primary console functionality - gaming)
2. Direct integration of the main Playstation services with the console's UI (such as the Playstation Store and Playstation Now, among others)
3. A more meaningful mapping of various functionalities (more about that in future shots)


Posted on Feb 18, 2020

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