Sarolea N60 MM.01 Motorcycle

Be sure to check out the full layout to see all the details.

Belgian motorcycle manufacturer Sarolea and design house Café Costume have collaborated on an electric motorcycle and style package that covers all the riding basics with flair. Sarolea's N60 is a cafe-style bike built on the same platform as the Manx7 electric superbike, with an air-cooled brushless DC motor making 163 horsepower and covering 205 miles before needing a recharge.

In addition to the collaboration of the N60, Café Costume has designed a bespoke tailored riding suit to compliment Sarolea's advanced engineering. The suit features integrated protection while maintaining a modern look — on or off the bike. Hedon Helmets of Milan created the carbon fiber helmet and Studio Blade the handmade Damascus steel knife

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