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Hello players,

First of all i really want to thanks to @Angelos Arnis for inviting me as a player.

Secondly, i'd to introduce myself. I am 20 years old boy from middle of Europe (Slovak Republic) and i am student at local university. I am something like free-lance designer concerned with designing and re-designing. I have been working with Design for couple of years and trying to improve my skills every day. So please whenever you see add me something new feel free to open it and give me feedback. I appreciate every comment of you guys. I have been on this page maybe for a year and something now? And you all are my inspiration and i think without dribbble i wouldnt be on this certain skill i am on.
My goal is to become successful designer and one day i really want to code all my works. code.org inspired me to definitelly try it.

So thank you once more, and feel free to comment and help me to get better.

Best wishes
Stanley Haladej


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