1. Payment Options card options component design fintech payment gateway payments ui
    View Payment Options
    Payment Options
  2. Weekly Expenditure component design expenditure tracker finance ui
    View Weekly Expenditure
    Weekly Expenditure
  3. Monthly Activity Log activity component design log monthly tracker ui ui design widget
    View Monthly Activity Log
    Monthly Activity Log
  4. Now Reports - Landing Page Design ai ai chatbot ai design design saas saas design saas landing page ui web design website
    View Now Reports - Landing Page Design
    Now Reports - Landing Page Design
  5. Join Meeting component design join meeting ui video call
    View Join Meeting
    Join Meeting
  6. Folder Interaction 📂 animation chips folder graphic design interaction tags ui
    View Folder Interaction 📂
    Folder Interaction 📂
  7. Pricing Card card design price purchase ui
    View Pricing Card
    Pricing Card
  8. Multi Select chips design modal select ui
    View Multi Select
    Multi Select
  9. How Are You Feeling ? design feelings modal ui user input
    View How Are You Feeling ?
    How Are You Feeling ?
  10. New Task component design new task task manager ui
    View New Task
    New Task
  11. Sleep Tracker component sleep sleep tracker ui wellness
    View Sleep Tracker
    Sleep Tracker
  12. Start New Project card onboarding ui ui design
    View Start New Project
    Start New Project
  13. Performance Tracker component dashboard design productivity tracker ui ui design
    View Performance Tracker
    Performance Tracker
  14. Price Range Filter design filter price ui
    View Price Range Filter
    Price Range Filter
  15. Select Software component modal software ui ui ux
    View Select Software
    Select Software
  16. Select Language Dropdown component design dropdown language selection ui ui design
    View Select Language Dropdown
    Select Language Dropdown
  17. Audio Recorder audio audio ui component design recorder ui voice recorder widget
    View Audio Recorder
    Audio Recorder
  18. Diary Entry component design diary diary entry ui widget
    View Diary Entry
    Diary Entry
  19. Fun little button (2) button design system ui
    View Fun little button (2)
    Fun little button (2)
  20. Fun little button button skeuomorphic skeuomorphism ui ui design
    View Fun little button
    Fun little button
  21. Makeshift Portfolio'24 design framer portfolio ui web web design
    View Makeshift Portfolio'24
    Makeshift Portfolio'24
  22. Teenage Engineering product page UI, but with an Apple vibe apple design design product product page record factory kit teenage engineering ui ui ux
    View Teenage Engineering product page UI, but with an Apple vibe
    Teenage Engineering product page UI, but with an Apple vibe
  23. Medium Thumbnails graphic design medium thumbnail design thumbnails type typography
    View Medium Thumbnails
    Medium Thumbnails
  24. Price Catalog design freelancer price catalog
    View Price Catalog
    Price Catalog
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