1. Protocols Transformations data syntax form ui interactiondesign ux prototype
    View Protocols Transformations
    Protocols Transformations
  2. Segment Monthly Newsletter - October logo email holidays tech design illustration data branding
    View Segment Monthly Newsletter - October
    Segment Monthly Newsletter - October
  3. Audience Type add condition select action actions list options dropdown
    View Audience Type
    Audience Type
  4. Segmento ERG Logo hispanic inclusion diversity colorful branding logo segment illustration
    View Segmento ERG Logo
    Segmento ERG Logo
  5. Journey Map ux  ui pain point ux design customer journey map journey map customer journey usability metrics usability metrics habit moment aha moment customer experience ux
    View Journey Map
    Journey Map
  6. Computed Trait Builder table menu options select from list select computed traits traits sql menu list view list ui list
    View Computed Trait Builder
    Computed Trait Builder
  7. Segment CDI Maturity illustration ux ui website design
    View Segment CDI Maturity
    Segment CDI Maturity
  8. Segment Developer Center ux design illustration branding ui website
    View Segment Developer Center
    Segment Developer Center
  9. Segment Tracking Demo browser illustration ui
    View Segment Tracking Demo
    Segment Tracking Demo
  10. Segment Customer Journey Map research ux customer journey map design startup b2b
    View Segment Customer Journey Map
    Segment Customer Journey Map
  11. Segment Developer Center animation website data illustration design ui
    View Segment Developer Center
    Segment Developer Center
  12. 181029 Protocols Qh  Copy 2 2x 100 branding illustration website ui design
    View 181029 Protocols Qh Copy 2 2x 100
    181029 Protocols Qh Copy 2 2x 100
  13. Segment API
    View Segment API
    Segment API
  14. Segment Queery Logo logo design branding
    View Segment Queery Logo
    Segment Queery Logo
  15. Search omnisearch search bar search
    View Search
  16. Multi-factor authentication mfa security ui
    View Multi-factor authentication
    Multi-factor authentication
  17. Segment Startup Program saas ux form ui onboarding signup sub-brand startup design b2b
    View Segment Startup Program
    Segment Startup Program
  18. Analytics Academy design brand illustration
    View Analytics Academy
    Analytics Academy
  19. Fixed That For You, a podcast by Segment podcast icon typography logo vector tech website illustration design data branding
    View Fixed That For You, a podcast by Segment
    Fixed That For You, a podcast by Segment
  20. Selective Sync for Cloud Sources checkboxes select table ux saas ui b2b segment enterprise
    View Selective Sync for Cloud Sources
    Selective Sync for Cloud Sources
  21. Startup Rockets spot illustration iteration cutting room floor delight product design rocket startup illustration b2b
    View Startup Rockets
    Startup Rockets
  22. Team Permissions - invite pending permissions app ui
    View Team Permissions - invite pending
    Team Permissions - invite pending
  23. Recent Audience Sync
    View Recent Audience Sync
    Recent Audience Sync
  24. Config API flow api vector diagram tech web website illustration data design branding
    View Config API
    Config API
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