1. Gems! loot box learning language gems loot chest design illustration duo duolingo
  2. Learn Klingon on Duolingo sean dockery star trek learning space language klingon duolingo illustration
    Learn Klingon on Duolingo
  3. silver and gold sean dockery branding logo fire flame silversmith metalsmith jewelry
    silver and gold
  4. Tiny Spark - Mighty Flame sean dockery handmade branding logo jewelry silver gold flame fire silversmith metalsmith
    Tiny Spark - Mighty Flame
  5. Culture Shock sean dockery learning owl dragon duolingo illustration
    Culture Shock
  6. New Year's Email 2018 sean dockery illustration layout newsletter email learning travel duolingo
    New Year's Email 2018
  7. Duo Mittens sean dockery holidays christmas duo presents gift illustration duolingo
    Duo Mittens
  8. Ridgid Tools Illustration power tools sean dockery ink brush wrench ridgid typography lettering illustration
    Ridgid Tools Illustration
  9. Shift In Perspective sean dockery light grey art lab gallery painting drawing art illustration
    Shift In Perspective
  10. Ryan Yee logo and website revamp ryan yee website web magic illustration lettering typography logo
    Ryan Yee logo and website revamp
  11. Do Not Go Gentle drawing illustration design logo mask brush ink
    Do Not Go Gentle
  12. Bad Bones Company bad bones clothing bones lettering typography logo
    Bad Bones Company
  13. Magic Johnson Vs. Jordan sean dockery michael jordan magic johnson drawing editorial illustration basketball jordan
    Magic Johnson Vs. Jordan
  14. Jordan Vs. Stockton & Malone michael jordan sean dockery editorial drawing illustration basketball 23 jordan
    Jordan Vs. Stockton & Malone
  15. S-D Personal Mark sean dockery sd personal logo s d lettermark mark lettering illustration letter logo personal
    S-D Personal Mark
  16. Can You Die From A Broken Heart? drawing heart pastel brush ink illustration
    Can You Die From A Broken Heart?
  17. Stefon - SNL bill hader the stndrd saturday night live portrait illustration snl editorial stefon
    Stefon - SNL
  18. Our Last Night logo hand drawn our last night backdrop script type lettering logo band
    Our Last Night logo
  19. Fresh Hot Coffee! coffee lettering fresh hot type mug shirt t-shirt
    Fresh Hot Coffee!
  20. Glass Goat logo lettering type branding logo script goat farm hand drawn stained glass
    Glass Goat logo
  21. S - ATC Artist Series illustration avondale type lettering painting ink brush
    S - ATC Artist Series
  22. Glass Goat Logo branding logo typography type lettering goat glass illustration stained glass
    Glass Goat Logo
  23. Thank You - Invoice detail type invoice lettering brush ink skull thank you sean dockery
    Thank You - Invoice detail
  24. Scream And Shout type typography lettering custom scream brush sean dockery new years
    Scream And Shout
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