1. Drawing Again music typography ipad procreate illustration
    Drawing Again
  2. Mini Demo Reel animation design typography aniamtion lyric video animation animation after effects
    Mini Demo Reel
  3. New song. New artwork.
    New song. New artwork.
  4. Music Video Animations illustration typography design animation musician music art music video
    Music Video Animations
  5. New song, who dis? design brand gif animation typography
    New song, who dis?
  6. Cover for my first single on Spotify! photoshop animation frame by frame animation music art album cover album art music
    Cover for my first single on Spotify!
  7. Just a little hi sticker branding design logo illustration
    Just a little hi
  8. But like who's tomb this be? gravel streetwear hoodie apparel design apparel sad boy society grave design brand illustration
    But like who's tomb this be?
  9. 2 Sad 2 Furious sticker design illustration candy valentines heart sticker
    2 Sad 2 Furious
  10. Oh hi mark! high drawing black and white brush photoshop street wear fashion appareal apparel design illustration
    Oh hi mark!
  11. It's hard being this pretty tear skull sad boy society sad hand drawn sticker illustration
    It's hard being this pretty
  12. Micro Interaction 003 prototype web animation web  design button animation button interaction animation ui  ux design ui
    Micro Interaction 003
  13. New stickers coming sticker snake cry sad sad boy society illustration
    New stickers coming
  14. Happy St. Patrick's Day luck hand vector illustration clover lucky good luck st patrick
    Happy St. Patrick's Day
  15. You go girl! internationalwomensday design womanhood woman illustration
    You go girl!
  16. How are sports? animation frame animation photoshop illustration basketball frame by frame drip
    How are sports?
  17. Lil owl mascot illustration vector logo branding
    Lil owl mascot
  18. MORE VAPOR vaporwave
  19. Is vaporwave still a thing? motion graphics vapor animation lyric video music video
    Is vaporwave still a thing?
  20. Typical demon hand shit branding design brand illustration
    Typical demon hand shit
  21. West side or die salt lake city slc brand logo illustration branding
    West side or die
  22. Band Poster galaxy boi music band poster branding illustration
    Band Poster
  23. Simplifying the process branding character benefits hr loop gif illustration
    Simplifying the process
  24. Real time analytics loop character gif animate data financial graphs
    Real time analytics
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