1. PPE Icon Set (2) safety ppe iconography iconsets iconset icon illustrator colors color illustration
    PPE Icon Set (2)
  2. PPE Icon Set (1) colors color line art lineart monoline attire safety ppe iconset iconography icons illustrator
    PPE Icon Set (1)
  3. Sharktopus Outfitters logo icon color california illustrator illustration flash sheet flash vinyl decals stickers branding design design branding
    Sharktopus Outfitters
  4. Sustainability report branding annual report layout layout design report colors msu
    Sustainability report
  5. Meow ai tiger cat color logo design logo branding brand icon line mono line illustration
  6. Please knock illustration ai colorways color palette colors typography type illustrator safety branding concept msu
    Please knock
  7. Event Horizon Studio decal brand branding illustrator illustration colors logo design logodesign logos logo
    Event Horizon Studio
  8. Disinfectant wipes typography text communications circle messaging branding sticker design stickers sticker decal safety msu
    Disinfectant wipes
  9. Hell or high water accessories apparel ohio stickers sticker skateboarding skateboard color branding logo illustrator design
    Hell or high water
  10. Apparel request form colorpalette colors layoutdesign layout form concept design gogreen spartanswill msu
    Apparel request form
  11. Floor tape concept colors safety illustrator illustration covid19 sticker design decal sticker tape spartanswill msu
    Floor tape concept
  12. Sparty statue icons illustrator illustration iconography icon monoline spartanswill msu
    Sparty statue
  13. Family portrait iconography illustration art monoline vector color illustrator icon illustration design
    Family portrait
  14. Sparty physical distancing table tent concept michiganmade illustrator illustration graphic design concept safety sparty msu
    Sparty physical distancing table tent concept
  15. Sparty physical distancing and safety table tent concept illustrator illustration print layoutdesign design concept sparty msu
    Sparty physical distancing and safety table tent concept
  16. Sparty physical distancing table tent concept color typography illustrator covid msu sparty concept design
    Sparty physical distancing table tent concept
  17. Refill Request Decal, MSU msu sticker decal badge design badge vector design branding
    Refill Request Decal, MSU
  18. Self portrait branding vector portrait self portrait logo icon design illustration
    Self portrait
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