1. Friendly :: study of meaning by calligraphy and forms abstraction calligraphy friend illustrative lettering meaningful 한글디자인
    View Friendly :: study of meaning by calligraphy and forms
    Friendly :: study of meaning by calligraphy and forms
  2. Trick a Day | Kickflip character character design illustration kickflip kpop ninjas ollie skateboarding skateboarding art taekwondo
    View Trick a Day | Kickflip
    Trick a Day | Kickflip
  3. Combination character colour education korean food
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  4. Writing da Language apparel art language martial art skateboard type writing
    View Writing da Language
    Writing da Language
  5. Sayin’ Goes kendo ninja skate taekwondo 의지 자유
    View Sayin’ Goes
    Sayin’ Goes
  6. left.right calligraphy illustration korea martial arts ninja path skateboarding
    View left.right
  7. learn. practice. flips character illustration kick kickflip logo skateboards sketch
    View learn. practice. flips
    learn. practice. flips
  8. history repeat identity illustration message newman ninja seal skateboard stamp vector
    View history repeat
    history repeat
  9. sword.up cartoon character digitized emblem identity illustration logo modern samurai virtue webtoon word
    View sword.up
  10. nin.ride activity character kansept karate kendo kickflip martial arts ninja ollie ollienorth outdoors popshuv skate skateboard skateboarding skaters sport taekwondo vector art
    View nin.ride
  11. ma.um east flat illustration language linguistics logo oreint poetry typography vector
    View ma.um
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