1. Fall's here <3 <3 <3 autumn branding character childrens book design fall halloween illustration illustrator pumpkin visual design
    View Fall's here <3 <3 <3
    Fall's here <3 <3 <3
  2. Stickers for my shop in the works geometric graphic design greeting card icons lemon logo midcentury paper goods shapes sticker sticker pack stickers
    View Stickers for my shop in the works
    Stickers for my shop in the works
  3. Happy Birthday birthday cards design fish flat design graphic design greeting card happy birthday illustration illustrator paper goods stationery
    View Happy Birthday
    Happy Birthday
  4. Galaxy Jumper branding character character design design identity illustration illustrator visual design web
    View Galaxy Jumper
    Galaxy Jumper
  5. Sea Dweller branding character character design design illustration illustrator lettering visual design web
    View Sea Dweller
    Sea Dweller
  6. Forest Forager branding character character design design identity illustration illustrator vector visual design web
    View Forest Forager
    Forest Forager
  7. Big Bear branding design illustration illustrator snowday vector visual design winter
    View Big Bear
    Big Bear
  8. Miami branding character identity illustration illustrator miami visual design
    View Miami
  9. A Little Christmas Angel adobeillustrator angel christmas design graphicdesigner holidays illustration illustrator midcentury shapes vector
    View A Little Christmas Angel
    A Little Christmas Angel
  10. A Partridge in a Pear Tree christmas christmas card design holidays illlustration illustrator midcentury vector
    View A Partridge in a Pear Tree
    A Partridge in a Pear Tree
  11. Calendar in the works! calendar california design foliage illustrator mid-century nature ojai oranges vector
    View Calendar in the works!
    Calendar in the works!
  12. Birdie animal bird character experience illustration illustrator ui visual design
    View Birdie
  13. Princess Cheese brie character character design cheese design female food illustration illustrator lady visual design
    View Princess Cheese
    Princess Cheese
  14. Seawoman! character character design design female illustration illustrator lobster ocean sea shells woman
    View Seawoman!
  15. Day 13 botanical california character florida illustration illustrator palm tree palms plants tropical
    View Day 13
    Day 13
  16. The Sweet Sommelier designer girl illustration illustrator lady sommelier wine women
    View The Sweet Sommelier
    The Sweet Sommelier
  17. Back at the 100 day project this year california character citrus design female florida flowers illustration illustrator label lady oranges visual design woman
    View Back at the 100 day project this year
    Back at the 100 day project this year
  18. New Illo for Joy character design characters design editorial fairy godmother graphic design illustration illustrator joy life coach visual design
    View New Illo for Joy
    New Illo for Joy
  19. Be Happy Illustration character design editorial find joy happiness illustration illustrator meditate meditation office visual design work zen
    View Be Happy Illustration
    Be Happy Illustration
  20. Ojai california desert design free illustration illustrator invites love mountains nature ojai stationery sunrise sunset wedding
    View Ojai
  21. Olives doodle illustration illustrator olive branch olives sketch
    View Olives
  22. Illo for Joy app design do good editorial finance give back giving hand illo illustration illustrator joy money office volunteer
    View Illo for Joy
    Illo for Joy
  23. My favorite little flower lately book design floral flowers illustration illustrator midcentury nature vector w waxflower wildflowers
    View My favorite little flower lately
    My favorite little flower lately
  24. Eucalyptus alphabet eucalyptus geometric graphic design illustration illustrator mid century pattern plants visual design
    View Eucalyptus
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