1. Logotypes Collection Vol.2 brand identity graphic design visual identity brand design logo design brand logo branding logo logotype
    View Logotypes Collection Vol.2
    Logotypes Collection Vol.2
  2. Scrolling.404 motion design animation interactive visual identity e shop brand design brand identity sport black  white typography typeface minimal
    View Scrolling.404
  3. Rider.404 interactive eshop typogaphy web design black  white ux  ui ui design sport minimal mobile interface ui
    View Rider.404
  4. Menu.404 minimal black  white eshop bike burger menu prototyping motion design interactive design interactions interactive ux brand design branding digital interaction animation interaction ui ui design wip
    View Menu.404
  5. planisphere.404 gif side project brand code stroke illustration stroke icons stroke minimal motion graphic animation lottiefiles lottie planisphere
    View planisphere.404
  6. Rider.404 Project mtb video black  white typogaphy maximal minimal concept ui design visual identity branding animation webdesign website motion design ux ui
    View Rider.404 Project
    Rider.404 Project
  7. Rider.404 Project graphic design logo black  white minimal wip ux ui brand eshop fun flat web
    View Rider.404 Project
    Rider.404 Project
  8. Hyperlapse Merch graphic design tshirt design cd packaging cd artwork cd design tshirt minimal merch design artwork branding identitydesign identity visual identity
    View Hyperlapse Merch
    Hyperlapse Merch
  9. Hyperlapse Poster affiche cover design artwork visual printmaking print design graphic design photo retouching retouching retouch visual identity visual design poster design poster
    View Hyperlapse Poster
    Hyperlapse Poster
  10. Hyperlapse Album photo retouching retouching retouch print design compact disc cd cover artwork cover design visual identity visual design indesign photoshop typogaphy jazz album cover design album artwork album cover
    View Hyperlapse Album
    Hyperlapse Album
  11. MAAAD soon wip portfolio brand fontface typeface pattern motion graphic motion design motion logotype design logotype
    View MAAAD
  12. 128dB logo 128 yellow black and white minimal helvetica number brand identity logotype design logotype
    View 128dB
  13. 9 fontface geometrical design graphic black  white minimal typography challenge 36 days of type typeface
    View 9
  14. 8 geometrical black and white lines collab animation motion experiment challenge 8 letter fontface black  white minimal typeface typography 36daysoftype
    View 8
  15. 7 collab animation motion bold geometrical number letter fontface 36daysoftype black  white minimal typography 36 days of type typeface
    View 7
  16. 6 fontface geometrical lines animation motion black  white minimal typeface challenge typography 36 days of type
    View 6
  17. 5 bold floral geometrical motion graphic black  white minimal 36daysoftype fontface typography 36 days of type
    View 5
  18. 4 noise motion minimal letter 36daysoftype 36 days of type lettering challenge black  white 36 days of type typography typeface
    View 4
  19. 3 motion lines geometrical minimal graphic 36daysoftype black  white fontface challenge 36 days of type typography typeface
    View 3
  20. 2 glitch inverse rectangle circle geometrical graphic motion black  white letter 36 days of type typography challenge typeface minimal
    View 2
  21. 1 motion geometrical challenge black  white logo 36 days of type typography minimal typeface letter fontface 36daysoftype
    View 1
  22. 0 0 letter challenge typeface minimal logo 36daysoftype black  white fontface typography 36 days of type
    View 0
  23. Z letter fontface challenge minimal noise black  white typeface 36 days of type typography z
    View Z
  24. Y y line geometrical 36 days of type 36daysoftype07 motion typography logo black  white minimal typeface challenge 36daysoftype
    View Y
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