1. Discogs - redesign concept app discogs music redesign ui ux
    View Discogs - redesign concept
    Discogs - redesign concept
  2. DailyUI #58 - Shopping Cart dailyui dailyui058 design interface iphone johnny cupcakes mockup shop shopping cart sketch ui ux web
    View DailyUI #58 - Shopping Cart
    DailyUI #58 - Shopping Cart
  3. Crunchyroll Redesign, Pt. 2 anime app crunchyroll dailyui interface ipad streaming tv ui ux
    View Crunchyroll Redesign, Pt. 2
    Crunchyroll Redesign, Pt. 2
  4. Crunchyroll Home Screen Redesign adobe xd app case study crunchyroll interface prototype tv tv app ui ux xd
    View Crunchyroll Home Screen Redesign
    Crunchyroll Home Screen Redesign
  5. DailyUI #37 - Weather app dailyui interface mobile mockup ui ux weather
    View DailyUI #37 - Weather
    DailyUI #37 - Weather
  6. DailyUI #25 - TV App anime app crunchyroll dailyui dailyui 025 interaction ipad mobile tv ui ux video
    View DailyUI #25 - TV App
    DailyUI #25 - TV App
  7. Daily UI #17 - Email Receipt bandcamp dailyui dailyui 017 email layout music receipt ui ux
    View Daily UI #17 - Email Receipt
    Daily UI #17 - Email Receipt
  8. Daily UI #014 - Countdown Timer app concert countdown daily ui dailyui dailyui014 music timer ui ux web
    View Daily UI #014 - Countdown Timer
    Daily UI #014 - Countdown Timer
  9. DailyUI #012 - eCommerce Product Page dailyui dailyui 012 ecommerce landing page product page ps4 shop skyrim ui ux video game
    View DailyUI #012 - eCommerce Product Page
    DailyUI #012 - eCommerce Product Page
  10. Spotify - Music Discovery Settings 007 app dailyui dailyui007 interface music settings spotify ui ui design ux ux design
    View Spotify - Music Discovery Settings
    Spotify - Music Discovery Settings
  11. Barhop - App Icon alcohol app bar beer branding dailyui dailyui 005 mobile app ui ux
    View Barhop - App Icon
    Barhop - App Icon
  12. Garbage - Summer 2019 Tour Poster band design garbage glitch glitch art marketing mockup music poster print tour
    View Garbage - Summer 2019 Tour Poster
    Garbage - Summer 2019 Tour Poster
  13. Garbage - Glitch Logo band color garbage glitch logo music noise screen
    View Garbage - Glitch Logo
    Garbage - Glitch Logo
  14. This Is Entertainment. art color glitch glitch art glitch effect gradient photoshop typography
    View This Is Entertainment.
    This Is Entertainment.
  15. This Town, Your Grave - CD Cover album art album cover artwork grunge layout music photography typography
    View This Town, Your Grave - CD Cover
    This Town, Your Grave - CD Cover
  16. Kendrick Lamar Magazine Spread editorial design kendrick lamar layout magazine music music design typography zine
    View Kendrick Lamar Magazine Spread
    Kendrick Lamar Magazine Spread
  17. The Sleeve Notes Zine album art album cover editorial layout magazine music music magazine photography print zine
    View The Sleeve Notes Zine
    The Sleeve Notes Zine
  18. Kerli - Utopia Vinyl Artwork album art album cover branding design logo lp mockup music music art music artwork music design packaging photo editing vinyl vinyl record
    View Kerli - Utopia Vinyl Artwork
    Kerli - Utopia Vinyl Artwork
  19. Gallowglass Beer Branding beer beer and branding branding charlotte illustration logo marketing mock up packaging
    View Gallowglass Beer Branding
    Gallowglass Beer Branding
  20. Marina - The Family Jewels album artwork album cover marina music record record sleeve vinyl
    View Marina - The Family Jewels
    Marina - The Family Jewels
  21. Sunset on Summer logo automotive branding illustration logo marketing minimal sales summer
    View Sunset on Summer logo
    Sunset on Summer logo
  22. Barhop - App Login alcohol app app design artboard studio bar beer figma interaction mobile mockup ui ux
    View Barhop - App Login
    Barhop - App Login
  23. The Sleeve Notes - App Concept app branding invision logo mobile music studio ui ux
    View The Sleeve Notes - App Concept
    The Sleeve Notes - App Concept
  24. Lucky You Sales Event Logo branding clover logo march retail sales sales event shamrock spring st patricks day
    View Lucky You Sales Event Logo
    Lucky You Sales Event Logo
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