1. Create a Theme generator contrast wcag create color slider custom customization react configurator theme toggle sliders themes ux ui
    View Create a Theme
    Create a Theme
  2. Bitcoin Tracker finance card table list cryptocurrency crypto dark mode toggle codepen ux ui
    View Bitcoin Tracker
    Bitcoin Tracker
  3. Hyper and Figma - Big Sur app skeumorphism squircle hyper figma macos big sur icon ui
    View Hyper and Figma - Big Sur
    Hyper and Figma - Big Sur
  4. Neumorphism and toggles interaction skeumorphism neumorphism animation component code buttons toggles codepen ux ui
    View Neumorphism and toggles
    Neumorphism and toggles
  5. Pairing App mobile cross-platform randomize teams pairing schedule ux ui
    View Pairing App
    Pairing App
  6. Checkout Summary manufacturing review ecommerce dark mode materials list details checkout summary configurator ux ui
    View Checkout Summary
    Checkout Summary
  7. design checklist sticky cards list checklist checkbox codepen ux ui
    View design checklist
    design checklist
  8. Skeumorphic Controls switch toggle slider radio theme checkbox form component codepen ux ui
    View Skeumorphic Controls
    Skeumorphic Controls
  9. Slack Themes picker app dark mode slack theme night mode codepen ux ui
    View Slack Themes
    Slack Themes
  10. Enterprise Icons keyboard folder note component ux iconset cloud icons ui
    View Enterprise Icons
    Enterprise Icons
  11. Empty State to do jobs completed ui ux card task empty state
    View Empty State
    Empty State
  12. Selection interaction practice daily ui dailyui input tab bar switch select theme gif animation interaction microinteraction codepen ux ui
    View Selection interaction
    Selection interaction
  13. Swipe gestures and driver rankings mobile ui responsive results race racing formula 1 component list ranking leaderboard toggle dark mode night mode mobile swipe animation codepen ux ui
    View Swipe gestures and driver rankings
    Swipe gestures and driver rankings
  14. Theme Toggle ios13 microinteraction button interaction icon dark mode icons design toggle night mode animation component codepen ux ui
    View Theme Toggle
    Theme Toggle
  15. Simple Resume Theme ios13 responsive cv resume dark mode theme design toggle night mode codepen ux ui
    View Simple Resume Theme
    Simple Resume Theme
  16. Book a flight responsive card select booking schedule flight list toggle night mode ux codepen ui
    View Book a flight
    Book a flight
  17. Schedule empty state mobile race event dark formula1 list schedule responsive night mode codepen ux ui
    View Schedule
  18. Empty State directory list team illustration component codepen ux ui empty state
    View Empty State
    Empty State
  19. Team Directory directory list team dashboard interface codepen component toggle design ux ui
    View Team Directory
    Team Directory
  20. Select Interaction javascript css html responsive toggle select interaction formula 1 animation component night mode codepen ux ui
    View Select Interaction
    Select Interaction
  21. Select UI and Dark Mode prototype animation mobile select f1 formula 1 toggle night mode component codepen ui ux
    View Select UI and Dark Mode
    Select UI and Dark Mode
  22. Travel App Profile component codepen ux ui swipe card mobile app travel
    View Travel App Profile
    Travel App Profile
  23. Email Signature Generator prototype web  design toggle night mode design form signature email dark theme theme app codepen ux ui
    View Email Signature Generator
    Email Signature Generator
  24. Maintenance Page theme night mode illustration empty state maintenance ux ui
    View Maintenance Page
    Maintenance Page
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