1. USA Road-Trip Logo vector ai illustrator branding design car club 86 mountains road trip branding logo
    USA Road-Trip Logo
  2. 004 : Stop ad magazine cover brakes racingline ascetically pleasing car magazine layout indesign minimal poster a day poster vw camera
    004 : Stop
  3. 003 : Cars & Stuff video 2019 branding logo ryan duffy poster poster a day minimal indesign layout magazine car ascetically pleasing
    003 : Cars & Stuff
  4. 002 : MK1 camera mk1 vw poster poster a day minimal indesign layout magazine car ascetically pleasing
    002 : MK1
  5. 001 : Doyster Media ascetically pleasing car magazine layout indesign minimal poster a day poster
    001 : Doyster Media
  6. Portfolio Reel 2018 typography design motion graphics videography drone shots web app video reel video comcast cars 2019 2018 portfolio reel youtube animation after effects ux ui minimal
    Portfolio Reel 2018
  7. Invoice ryanduffy.co rynduffy rduffy ryan duffy flat design branding identity simple clean letter minimal logo brand bill blue 1033ff invoice
  8. Drop-off ETA minimal 1 click buy add to cart buyflow message contact appointment schedule technician map eta mobile app sketchapp ui ux
    Drop-off ETA
  9. Money Management II credit card trash sketch app wells fargo venmo paypal product design app iphone iphonex money management banking ui ux minimal
    Money Management II
  10. ICEY – Typography exploration blue bold type wavvy pattern abstract modren geometric 3d typography design exploration
    ICEY – Typography exploration
  11. 💸 Money Management banking wells fargo venmo paypal credit cards native app iphone x money management money
    💸 Money Management
  12. Table of contents video background ui car driving youtube after effects animation animated motion table of contents video
    Table of contents
  13. ECS Tuning: Desktop & Mobile desktop website cars mobile ecs tuning ui ux e-commence image gallery products chat
    ECS Tuning: Desktop & Mobile
  14. VW GOLF R wavy pattern graphic design ryan duffy volkswagen golf r car exercise experimental typography type
  15. HomePod tutorial after effects gif music glitchy glitch apple animation homepod
  16. TMGPS Logo variation (1) logo logos branding marks visual identity car wip tmgps cars manual gearbox logo design
    TMGPS Logo variation (1)
  17. Hoonigan Mobile Menu Interaction mobile video background animation racing car hoonigan ux ui shop interaction menu iphone x
    Hoonigan Mobile Menu Interaction
  18. Hoonigan Mobile iphone x menu landing page shop ui ux hoonigan car racing video video background mobile
    Hoonigan Mobile
  19. Hoonigan Racing ecommerce minimalist racing car hoonigan ux ui shop shopping website featured video player
    Hoonigan Racing
  20. Hoonigan Shop featured items website shopping shop ui ux hoonigan car racing minimalist ecommerce
    Hoonigan Shop
  21. Hoonigan Website video background video racing car hoonigan ux ui homepage landing page website
    Hoonigan Website
  22. Car Infotainment music player car adaptive touch music player ux ui car infotainment infotainment system infotainment car infotainment music player
    Car Infotainment music player
  23. Dead Iteration (Album Cover) wavy type album album cover glitch glitchy abstract processing experimental gradient anarchy smoke
    Dead Iteration (Album Cover)
  24. TV Service add-on x1 add add on price package tv channels dvr hd cable tv service tv concept
    TV Service add-on
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