1. Revelry branding celebrations event planning identity stencil
    View Revelry
  2. Temper definition 003 coming soon dailyui landing page temper
    View Temper definition
    Temper definition
  3. Daily UI 002 002 credit card dailyui ui
    View Daily UI 002
    Daily UI 002
  4. Daily UI 001 001 dailyui sign up ui
    View Daily UI 001
    Daily UI 001
  5. Magnetic Ward attraction branding force field identity magnet magnetic
    View Magnetic Ward
    Magnetic Ward
  6. Unused monogram concept identity mark monogram
    View Unused monogram concept
    Unused monogram concept
  7. Outreach icon illustration icon illustration seo
    View Outreach icon illustration
    Outreach icon illustration
  8. Rescue Pets shield cat dog icon pets rescue shield
    View Rescue Pets shield
    Rescue Pets shield
  9. "D" for detail brush handwritten identity script wordmark
    View "D" for detail
    "D" for detail
  10. More type variation colors gotham sentinel typography
    View More type variation
    More type variation
  11. Colors and Type colors mobile typography ui
    View Colors and Type
    Colors and Type
  12. Beam App app beam branding ios iphone redesign ui ux
    View Beam App
    Beam App
  13. Beam logo app branding broadcast identity smile
    View Beam logo
    Beam logo
  14. Pecha Kucha poster illustration king passion pecha kucha playing card
    View Pecha Kucha poster
    Pecha Kucha poster
  15. Passion heart illustration passion slides
    View Passion
  16. Plus wordmark gotham icon identity personal slashed o wordmark
    View Plus wordmark
    Plus wordmark
  17. Personal icon icon slashed o
    View Personal icon
    Personal icon
  18. Click or drag apps carousel ngen works slideshow
    View Click or drag
    Click or drag
  19. nGen heads carl smith illustrations ngen works portraits webbie head
    View nGen heads
    nGen heads
  20. Type + color color palette gotham mercury ngenworks tungsten typography
    View Type + color
    Type + color
  21. Same nGen colors, new nGen style color palette ngenworks
    View Same nGen colors, new nGen style
    Same nGen colors, new nGen style
  22. 1on1 Wordmark conversation din logotype one wordmark
    View 1on1 Wordmark
    1on1 Wordmark
  23. 1on1 Icon conversation icon identity one
    View 1on1 Icon
    1on1 Icon
  24. First day of Citrus animation citrus cel festival illustration sketch watercolor
    View First day of Citrus
    First day of Citrus
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