1. Owl Shield mascot logo owl heraldry branding logo woodcut roger xavier scratchboard
    View Owl Shield
    Owl Shield
  2. Bear Shield shield heraldry bear branding woodcut roger xavier scratchboard
    View Bear Shield
    Bear Shield
  3. Enroot Logo tree logo packaging branding logo roger xavier scratchboard woodcut
    View Enroot Logo
    Enroot Logo
  4. Lunar New Year year of the pig saks fifth avenue illustration roger xavier scratchboard
    View Lunar New Year
    Lunar New Year
  5. Wagner College Seal Refresh roger xavier
    View Wagner College Seal Refresh
    Wagner College Seal Refresh
  6. Domino's Pizza Box Spot (Roughs) dominos pizza woodcut illustration roger xavier
    View Domino's Pizza Box Spot (Roughs)
    Domino's Pizza Box Spot (Roughs)
  7. Gallatin River Lodge brand fish woodcut gallatin river lodge scratchboard logo
    View Gallatin River Lodge
    Gallatin River Lodge
  8. Domino's Pizza Rewards roger xavier stock certificate eagle bear pizza brand woodcut packaging dominos pizza scratchboard
    View Domino's Pizza Rewards
    Domino's Pizza Rewards
  9. Eric Kipp Logo etching brand woodcut scratchboard logo
    View Eric Kipp Logo
    Eric Kipp Logo
  10. Robert Mondavi Winery Label etching woodcut roger xavier alcohol wine vineyard architecture robert monday wine label packaging scratchboard
    View Robert Mondavi Winery Label
    Robert Mondavi Winery Label
  11. Kunde Reserve Wine Label athena packaging bear california state seal illustration woodcut wine label roger xavier scratchboard
    View Kunde Reserve Wine Label
    Kunde Reserve Wine Label
  12. Old Dominick Distillery brand beverage woodcut packaging whiskey portrait rooster old dominick distillery dominos pizza scratchboard logo
    View Old Dominick Distillery
    Old Dominick Distillery
  13. Sqiurus Rex anthropomorphixed squirrel illustration woodcut king of squirrels roger xavier scratchboard
    View Sqiurus Rex
    Sqiurus Rex
  14. Pampered Pets Inn Logo woodcut pets cat puppy dog pampered pets inn dominos pizza scratchboard logo
    View Pampered Pets Inn Logo
    Pampered Pets Inn Logo
  15. Harlan Crow Library Seal flag eagle illustration woodcut harlan crow library seal roger xavier scratchboard
    View Harlan Crow Library Seal
    Harlan Crow Library Seal
  16. Sunface woodcut sun roger xavier sun face scratchboard
    View Sunface
  17. Dominos Pasta Logo branding woodcut pasta roger xavier dominos pizza scratchboard logo
    View Dominos Pasta Logo
    Dominos Pasta Logo
  18. Mouse illustration woodcut mouse roger xavier scratchboard
    View Mouse
  19. Left Field Logo branding woodcut pick-up truck vegetables roger xavier left field savory grains  greens scratchboard logo
    View Left Field Logo
    Left Field Logo
  20. Lacas Logo branding woodcut ship roger xavier lacas coffee company scratchboard logo
    View Lacas Logo
    Lacas Logo
  21. Olli Logo branding woodcut pig roger xavier olli salumeria scratchboard logo
    View Olli Logo
    Olli Logo
  22. Bull's-eye arrow bull roger xavier illustration scratchboard
    View Bull's-eye
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