1. MacBook ports' indicators (concept)

  2. GDPR. Before and after the May 25, 2018. RetargetApp

  3. Holidays promo. Halloween, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas

  4. Migration to new version. RetargetApp

  5. Errors and error prevention for migration. RetargetApp

  6. Migrate user to new version. Forced type. RetargetApp

  7. 500 HTML error. RetargetApp

  8. Change email. RetargetApp

  9. Billing history for BigCommerce store. RetagetApp

  10. Receipt. RetargetApp

  11. Payment card. RetargetApp

  12. Billing plan & history. RetargetApp

  13. Date Dropdown. RetargetApp

  14. Edit ad message. RetargetApp

  15. Ad campaign daily recommendations. RetargetApp

  16. Run Google Ads smart shopping. RetargetApp

  17. Extended trial and app review on Shopify. RetargetApp

  18. Daily budget recommendation tool-tip. RetargetApp

  19. App page on Shopify app store. RetargetApp

  20. Add email. RetargetApp

  21. Dashboard. RetargetApp

  22. Suggested daily budget on dashboard. RetargetApp

  23. Pop-up / Pop-over / Dropdown. RetargetApp

  24. Tool-tip. RetargetApp

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