1. Shake Chef logo app cutlery knife fork food green
    Shake Chef logo
  2. Leaf Aircraft flat plane aircraft autumn leaf fall thanksgiving
    Leaf Aircraft
  3. Say hi to Trevor the Otter mail yellow flat trevor otter
    Say hi to Trevor the Otter
  4. Icons on new site icons design flat svg colours
    Icons on new site
  5. Property Crunch Website site flat property icons
    Property Crunch Website
  6. New Ceiga Logo flat white logo ceiga simple clean
    New Ceiga Logo
  7. Maranatha Ministries church maranatha christian london
    Maranatha Ministries
  8. Glint Logo rss simple flat orange glint
    Glint Logo
  9. Stove Logo stove product design minimal cook food top ui
    Stove Logo
  10. Shipped Logo logo simple minimal flat primary colors colours paper boat ship origami
    Shipped Logo
  11. Frappuccino logo frappuccino icon logo
    Frappuccino logo
  12. Learning Zone Logo learning graduate logo school simple minimal
    Learning Zone Logo
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