1. Picture in Picture Profile about dating pictureinpicture pip profile video
    View Picture in Picture Profile
    Picture in Picture Profile
  2. πŸ“Location - Intro animationπŸ“ dating feed grid intro location position
    View πŸ“Location - Intro animationπŸ“
    πŸ“Location - Intro animationπŸ“
  3. Onboarding πŸ‘Ά dating game gaming onboarding steps
    View Onboarding πŸ‘Ά
    Onboarding πŸ‘Ά
  4. In-app notifications πŸ”” design in app like match notification ui
    View In-app notifications πŸ””
    In-app notifications πŸ””
  5. Funwheel 🎰 dating design emoji emojies feed grid match ui wheel
    View Funwheel 🎰
    Funwheel 🎰
  6. Right to πŸ’–, Left to ❌ about card dating info like match pass swipe
    View Right to πŸ’–, Left to ❌
    Right to πŸ’–, Left to ❌
  7. Up to πŸ’–, down to ❌ cards dating like match swipe
    View Up to πŸ’–, down to ❌
    Up to πŸ’–, down to ❌
  8. πŸ’– Fun Dating πŸ’– animation app dating girl like man match prototype transition ui
    View πŸ’– Fun Dating πŸ’–
    πŸ’– Fun Dating πŸ’–
  9. πŸ’– Fun Dating πŸ’– confetti dating feed girls grid like match meet motion
    View πŸ’– Fun Dating πŸ’–
    πŸ’– Fun Dating πŸ’–
  10. Airbnb x Olympics πŸ… airbnb article colorful hero interview sport ui
    View Airbnb x Olympics πŸ…
    Airbnb x Olympics πŸ…
  11. ⚑ Gamma animation deck keynote motion prototype slide
    View ⚑ Gamma
    ⚑ Gamma
  12. Portfolio Mobile πŸ“± colorful gallery mobile mobile ui portfolio responsive slider
    View Portfolio Mobile πŸ“±
    Portfolio Mobile πŸ“±
  13. Case To Case animation hero motion portfolio transition typography
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    Case To Case
  14. About πŸ§”πŸ» about animation designer drag headshot hover logos portfolio
    View About πŸ§”πŸ»
    About πŸ§”πŸ»
  15. Case Study case case studies case study cases casestudy esperanto info project
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    Case Study
  16. ⚑️ Fast Navigation animation menu navigation portfolio transition ux webgl
    View ⚑️ Fast Navigation
    ⚑️ Fast Navigation
  17. 🏠️ Home Slider animation home motion portfolio preview projects slider transition webgl
    View 🏠️ Home Slider
    🏠️ Home Slider
  18. New Portfolio is live! ⚑️ about animation designer loader menu portfolio slider webgl
    View New Portfolio is live! ⚑️
    New Portfolio is live! ⚑️
  19. ✈️ Esperanto took off! 3d article esperanto interview loading timeline webgl
    View ✈️ Esperanto took off!
    ✈️ Esperanto took off!
  20. Elena Iv-Skaya Portfolio is LIVE ! πŸ“· animation cover drag fashion hold and drag loader parralax photo photographer photography portfolio transition webdesign wipe
    View Elena Iv-Skaya Portfolio is LIVE ! πŸ“·
    Elena Iv-Skaya Portfolio is LIVE ! πŸ“·
  21. Google Express - Landing Page animation cards express framer google landing motion product shot slider ui
    View Google Express - Landing Page
    Google Express - Landing Page
  22. Outro 🏁 3d animation scroll up timeline webgl
    View Outro 🏁
    Outro 🏁
  23. Talking Slider 🎀 animation esperanto mask masking photo slider transition travel world
    View Talking Slider 🎀
    Talking Slider 🎀
  24. About Page about contact content images
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    About Page
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