1. Adding people to Codacy
    Adding people to Codacy
  2. Display Ads
    Display Ads
  3. Repository dashboard analysis trends metrics evolution charts dashboad
    Repository dashboard
  4. Self-hosted form enterprise website
  5. Enterprise illustration enterprise illustration
    Enterprise illustration
  6. Empty state modal code app illustraion emptystate
    Empty state
  7. Fix it exploration code app
    Fix it exploration
  8. Adding repositories action list add app
    Adding repositories
  9. Repository list app metrics list view
    Repository list
  10. Roadmap website illustraion roadmap
  11. Website
  12. Filtering ui component filtering filters
  13. Stickers illustraion stickers stickermule
  14. Swag print tshirt swag
  15. Styleguide usage figma toast component styleguide
  16. Pricing page website pricing plan
    Pricing page
  17. No results filter emptystate illustration
    No results
  18. Metrics chart metrics dashboad illustration
  19. User management at scale dashboad list view people user management
    User management at scale
  20. Code issues error developers development code illustration
    Code issues
  21. Docs information architecture support documentation
  22. Code Goals illustration fun sticker code pizza
    Code Goals
  23. The coolest Company Book print book pixel
    The coolest Company Book
  24. All Senses Collection eyes fabric pattern print pillow hands
    All Senses Collection
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