1. Grab new home page - interaction exploration by using Framer.js

  2. Apple watch concept for Grab transportation service

  3. Wallet concept designed in Framer X.

  4. Early concept of Grab passenger redesign

  5. Early micro-interaction exploration for passenger app redesign

  6. Early exploration for chat entry point during transit

  7. Interaction exploration for in transit journey

  8. Interaction exploration for multiple drop-off

  9. Early exploration for suggested POI experience

  10. Interaction principle for passenger app

  11. GrabChat Voice Messaging for Grab Driver

  12. Redesigning UX and IxD for Grab passenger app

  13. UX and interaction design for Grab app home page

  14. Designing entire experience for GrabFood merchant app v1.0

  15. Design on boarding animation for GrabHitch reallocation

  16. Dictionary

  17. Switch button in Framer.js

  18. Card interaction in Swift

  19. Test your Singlish knowledge - Framer.js

  20. Food selector with Framer

  21. Card patterns

  22. Notification design for Grab app

  23. Grab new bottom navigation

  24. Style guide for hypo

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