Josh Fischer web developer - Logo

March 07, 2018

My friend Josh needed a logo and I helped him design it. The individual units in the JF ligature represent the "components" or "objects" that are a common practice in web development. When all components are brought together they form a...

UX Dayton Meetup Logo - Rebound

September 13, 2015

After a few changes from the client, this is the final logo for the UX Dayton meetup.

UX Dayton Meetup Logo

September 08, 2015

This is a logo proposal for the UX Dayton Meetup.

Logo Kids Smile Pediatric Dentistry

August 30, 2015

This is the logo I made some time back for a client of mine. Attached also a picture of his office with the sign of the logo on the wall. A bit hard to read when they made the term SMILE in a lighter gray. But hey, I'm not going to com...

Logo Level Up! Newsletter

August 30, 2015

Update: This newsletter is no longer available. This is the logo I created for my newsletter for Web Designers and Developers called: Level Up! Newsletter. The main purpose of the newsletter is to help fellow web professionals in the d...

Navodo Logo - Before And After

August 26, 2015

This is the logo for an online retail project I worked on at my last job. The top logo was created by another designer and when I took over the project I noticed the logo needed a few improvements. I did the improvements respecting the ...

Logo for Sublime Text team on slack

August 16, 2015

I designed this logo with the intent of combining Sublime Text's and Slack's logos into one. Download and use freely the .ico files.

Agile Credit Logo - Before And After

August 16, 2015

This is the logo for a startup I worked for a while back. The top logo was created by another designer, I noticed a few issues with it the moment I saw it. So I proposed an improved version which was then approved.

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