1. My Personal site (simplified edition)

  2. Moeda Project Page

  3. Computer Vision objects and events tracked

  4. Cuckoo for Mac - A productivity timer for remote teams

  5. Cuckoo is on Product Hunt

  6. Dark table with strength graph

  7. Bar graph visualization

  8. Startaê #pride

  9. Team member mouse hover interaction

  10. SoundCloud Mac App Icon

  11. Popover + filter

  12. Login form with label on focus

  13. Checkout modal with multiple color schemes

  14. Responsive restaurant menu on iPhone

  15. Mobile first mockups

  16. Search by amount

  17. CSS3 Buttons

  18. Yummmy Teaser Page: Success Message

  19. Yummmy Teaser Page: Subscribe Form

  20. Github Icon

  21. Yummmy App: Coming Soon Page

  22. Ingredients Project Wireframe: Search

  23. Ingredients Project Wireframe: Tap and Hold

  24. Ingredients Project Wireframe: Navigation

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