1. The Biggest Change cursor clean ui design design ux ui motion web minimal animation fwa fullscreen desktop movie interactive experience website unity3d 3d
    View The Biggest Change
    The Biggest Change
  2. International VELUX Awards interface user experience motion design award website website design scroll video fullscreen ui uiux design desktop animals
    View International VELUX Awards
    International VELUX Awards
  3. Agency Website webgl fullscreen website web simple motion design clean 3d video minimal ui ux webdesign animation desktop
    View Agency Website
    Agency Website
  4. Tastefinder uidesign motion selector website desktop animation cursor quiz
    View Tastefinder
  5. Foodclub button selector quiz fullscreen ui design website desktop animations video cursor displacement
    View Foodclub
  6. Displacement scroll motion ux ui animation scroll animation interface touch typography displacement scroll mobile ios
    View Displacement scroll
    Displacement scroll
  7. Explorer; Motion Design cards navigation travel clean minimal uidesign video background motion website design typography animation desktop
    View Explorer; Motion Design
    Explorer; Motion Design
  8. Maersk Drilling - Experience Table experimental maersk casestudy interactive map experience map digital experience interactive table
    View Maersk Drilling - Experience Table
    Maersk Drilling - Experience Table
  9. Maersk Supply Services Pitch clean scroll motion minimal shipping uidesign website desktop video animation
    View Maersk Supply Services Pitch
    Maersk Supply Services Pitch
  10. Initial layout: Hartmann's Jeweller ecommerce diamonds quote slider uidesign ux luxury minimal danish jewellery web flat website branding design
    View Initial layout: Hartmann's Jeweller
    Initial layout: Hartmann's Jeweller
  11. Bording Group: Website website web unfold triangle desktop motion ui landingpage
    View Bording Group: Website
    Bording Group: Website
  12. Pension App: Initial prototype ux design ui design ui motion cards design login form pension mobile app ios
    View Pension App: Initial prototype
    Pension App: Initial prototype
  13. Hartmann's — Jeweller quote slider gallery user interface e-commerce jewellery danish design desktop
    View Hartmann's — Jeweller
    Hartmann's — Jeweller
  14. OnBoarding Rebound onboarding organic iphone web gif animated gif gradient landingpage ux ui website desktop
    View OnBoarding Rebound
    OnBoarding Rebound
  15. Klassisk: Product Motion gif animated gif website web ui motion furniture desktop animation danish design
    View Klassisk: Product Motion
    Klassisk: Product Motion
  16. Klassisk: Motion website ui furniture desktop motion web danish design animation
    View Klassisk: Motion
    Klassisk: Motion
  17. VICURA homepage web medicin layout website landingpage ux ui desktop
    View VICURA
  18. Annual Report clean ux ui web landing simple image mobile research annual report
    View Annual Report
    Annual Report
  19. A VELUX Connection hotspots variants product selector window animated gif gif animated denmark velux desktop
    View A VELUX Connection
    A VELUX Connection
  20. OnBoarding: Pitch round navigation iphone testimonials organic gradients pitch desktop
    View OnBoarding: Pitch
    OnBoarding: Pitch
  21. Roskilde Festival 2018: Framing desktop gif animated gif animation roskilde background video denmark festival
    View Roskilde Festival 2018: Framing
    Roskilde Festival 2018: Framing
  22. The Gallifrey Foundation home desktop navigation water motion svg animation video fullscreen video sea
    View The Gallifrey Foundation
    The Gallifrey Foundation
  23. Carl Hansen & Søn; Refreshed. desktop fullscreen interior furniture danish design
    View Carl Hansen & Søn; Refreshed.
    Carl Hansen & Søn; Refreshed.
  24. Brunata: Company Profile heating corporate interface design split big pictures overflow gif animation
    View Brunata: Company Profile
    Brunata: Company Profile
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