1. Social Campaigns Dashboard stats statistics uiux web clean chart dashboad
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    Social Campaigns Dashboard
  2. Product Page clean minimal product discount add to cart shop buy webdesign ux ui web ecommerce
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    Product Page
  3. Product Search Page find items item grid search ux ui filter
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    Product Search Page
  4. Online Fashion Store price brand sale shoes dress model banner cart buy store fashion
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    Online Fashion Store
  5. Health App - Steps Overview clean heart calories chart run map dark ui stats sport app
    View Health App - Steps Overview
    Health App - Steps Overview
  6. Fitness App profile managing blackandwhite buy plant minimal setup subscription sport weight fitness app
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    Fitness App
  7. Vacancy info Dark description manage applicant ats recruit vacancy stats statistics charts info infographic ui dashboard ui dashboad
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    Vacancy info Dark
  8. Vacancy Info recruit statistics description stats chart infographic info dashboard ui dashboad applicant job vacancy
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    Vacancy Info
  9. Applicant Dark View experience skills black dark ui dark mode slider info profile applicant ux ui dashboad social contacts
    View Applicant Dark View
    Applicant Dark View
  10. Applicant Profile View full view info contacts personal experience skills modal slide profile managing applicant dashboad
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    Applicant Profile View
  11. Dark-mode Kanban for Job Manager drag and drop drag move manage applicant job board kanban dark mode black dark
    View Dark-mode Kanban for Job Manager
    Dark-mode Kanban for Job Manager
  12. Kanban for Job Manager drag drag and drop move accept webapp app recruit profile list applicant dashboad management manager job kanban
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    Kanban for Job Manager
  13. Dark Jobs Page professional search recruiter jobs dark black charts sats list data dashboard ux design ui app
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    Dark Jobs Page
  14. Jobs page filter ux ui webapp app recruiter diagram progress charts jobs list data dashboad
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    Jobs page
  15. Dashboard Dark stats recruiter jobs applicants desktop design vector chart dashboad app ui ux
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    Dashboard Dark
  16. ATS Dashboard stats recruiter jobs applicants desktop design vector chart dashboad app ui ux
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    ATS Dashboard
  17. Castings actor kanban team management castings producer software producer filming complex saas design saas app saas complex ui system pms crm motion management system movies
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  18. Actors profile product design search actors casting ux complex saas design search castings actor management actors saas
    View Actors
  19. App For Employee subscription buy bank card card coffee food business app business employee
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    App For Employee
  20. Home Plant Store dashboad responsive website ios web app garden green tree landing hover animation cart buy ecommerce store plant home
    View Home Plant Store
    Home Plant Store
  21. B2B Hotel Booking pay rent buy hotel booking book b2b
    View B2B Hotel Booking
    B2B Hotel Booking
  22. Fashion Shop description price social share e-shop sell e-commerce wear buy cart style shop fashion
    View Fashion Shop
    Fashion Shop
  23. Credit Card Checkout 100 daily ui daily dailui checkout card checkout payment card ux dribbble design creative colorful clean ui app
    View Credit Card Checkout
    Credit Card Checkout
  24. Sign Up / Sign In Page dribbble cool design creative colorful clean app cosmos illustration space ui daily dailyui
    View Sign Up / Sign In Page
    Sign Up / Sign In Page
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