1. Rule Builder flat design ux ui
    Rule Builder
  2. Credit card web app wireframe app web design ui
    Credit card web app
  3. Trip Itinerary simple design iphone xs iphone x clean ui mobile app design mobile ui design ui app
    Trip Itinerary
  4. Pagination in Web apps flexible easy to reach pagination enterprise app enterprise ux web design
    Pagination in Web apps
  5. Multiple Alerts on a single page webapp webdesign ui flat flexible easy to reach clean ui alerts inline problem solving enterprise ux multiple alerts
    Multiple Alerts on a single page
  6. Checkout Screen - Mobile figma concept mobile ui flexible easy to reach app ui design clean ui flat
    Checkout Screen - Mobile
  7. Logo Design flat illustration logo
    Logo Design
  8. Market Watch redesign figma clean ui concept mobile ui app design flat
    Market Watch redesign
  9. Menubar todo list organised list easy to reach flexible simple reminder todolist menubar macbook flat clean ui
    Menubar todo list
  10. Wells Fargo iOS mobile app redesign quarentine concept redesign ios mobile ui
    Wells Fargo iOS mobile app redesign
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