1. Shape Study: 021 pink blue red geometry geometric flat lines squares shapes linework brand illustration intersect composition circles minimal vector bauhaus primary colors colorful simple
    View Shape Study: 021
    Shape Study: 021
  2. Shape Study: 020 simple colourful primary color bauhaus intersect vector minimal composition monoline linework red yellow pink blue flat circles geometric geometry abstract shape
    View Shape Study: 020
    Shape Study: 020
  3. Shape Study: 019 negative space gestalt primary primary colors red circles eyes flat geometric geometry abstract shapes shape pink illustration texture icon vector blue minimal
    View Shape Study: 019
    Shape Study: 019
  4. Portrait Study perspective playful icon flat simple brushes texture geometry pants fashion abstract yellow red blue triangle square portrait woman geometric shapes
    View Portrait Study
    Portrait Study
  5. Shape Study: 018 minimal flat gestalt circle yellow black pink blue red primary colors negative space monoline geometry geometric icons abstract stars rectangles shapes illustration
    View Shape Study: 018
    Shape Study: 018
  6. Meet the Team work vector modern abstract monoline red blue shapes geometric man woman human people contractor construction representative architect team customer service minimal
    View Meet the Team
    Meet the Team
  7. Shape Study: 016 illustration black pink yellow blue red blocks flat minimal negative space circles abstract goemetric shapes geometry monoline primary colors simple bauhaus gestalt
    View Shape Study: 016
    Shape Study: 016
  8. InVision Hands branding blue monoline abstract geometric collaboration wireframe phone tools pen user experience buttons web design digital user interface human poses people fingers hands
    View InVision Hands
    InVision Hands
  9. Building Products Icons texture tools screwdriver pen pencil ruler icons simple abstract geometric customer people calculator architect documents hard hat residential home building costruction
    View Building Products Icons
    Building Products Icons
  10. Shape Study: 017 minimal flat gestalt circle yellow black pink blue red primary colors negative space monoline geometry geometric icons abstract stars rectangles shapes illustration
    View Shape Study: 017
    Shape Study: 017
  11. Chinatown Greetings - 02 chinatown asian geometric texture noodles bubble tea oranges fruit red pocket lion dance chinese lantern trees sandwich banh mi houses coins firecrackers gate kung fu
    View Chinatown Greetings - 02
    Chinatown Greetings - 02
  12. Shape Study: 015 stars gestalt bauhaus simple primary colors monoline red black blue yellow pink abstraction square shapes circles abstract geometry geometric minimal flat
    View Shape Study: 015
    Shape Study: 015
  13. Chinatown Greetings - 01 red water textures geometric abstract asian chinese trees landscape river city dragon boat chinatown dragon blue vector minimal
    View Chinatown Greetings - 01
    Chinatown Greetings - 01
  14. One Year of Freelancing fingers shirt illustration geometry geometric bauhaus pink red yellow blue minimal business work employment graphic design freelance freelancing abstract shapes hand
    View One Year of Freelancing
    One Year of Freelancing
  15. Shape Study: 014 flat patter monoline stars black red yellow pink blue gestalt abstract geometric geometry circles square simple bauhaus primary colours negative space primary colors
    View Shape Study: 014
    Shape Study: 014
  16. Skateboarding x Coffee cafe coffee roaster culture primary colors geometric abstract yellow blue red leaves plants sports skater skateboard skate coffee skateboarding
    View Skateboarding x Coffee
    Skateboarding x Coffee
  17. Web Development bauhaus geometry green yellow pixels circle geometric abstact web development illustration icon blue vector minimal
    View Web Development
    Web Development
  18. Pattern Play monoline simple geometry square circle triangle minimal flat lines shapes pattern texture green light blue blue orange red bauhaus geometric abstract
    View Pattern Play
    Pattern Play
  19. Residential Neighbourhood green yellow blue red circle square shapes geometric geometry city street computer trees garage neighbourhood people construction residential home buildings
    View Residential Neighbourhood
    Residential Neighbourhood
  20. Shape Study: 018 primary colors negative space shading texture icons black red pink blue yellow stars shapes geometry abstract geometric squares circles gestalt flat minimal
    View Shape Study: 018
    Shape Study: 018
  21. Roamers Coffee Club Icons orange drip french press water ice cold brew pourover filter aeropress brewing logo design pink illustration texture icon blue vector minimal coffee
    View Roamers Coffee Club Icons
    Roamers Coffee Club Icons
  22. Shape Study: 013 primary colors negative space bauhaus simple square circles circle geometry geometric abstract gestalt blue pink yellow red black stars monoline pattern flat
    View Shape Study: 013
    Shape Study: 013
  23. Shape Study: 012 icon flat monoline stars black red yellow pink blue illusion abstract geometric geometry circles squares negative space bauhaus minimal simple vector
    View Shape Study: 012
    Shape Study: 012
  24. Growing Together flat design abstract minimal vector icon blue illustration website square circle bauhaus primary colors pink red black yellow linework monoline flat geometric
    View Growing Together
    Growing Together
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