1. Animal Avatars cute animal avatar cat kitty dog puppy bunny rabit frog snail duck
    View Animal Avatars
    Animal Avatars
  2. Chat Bubble App Icon chat bubble app icon ios flat talk im message skeu
    View Chat Bubble App Icon
    Chat Bubble App Icon
  3. Quartz Composer Pie Macro Patch quartz composer pie chart clockwise analytics data statistics stat activity dashboard origami
    View Quartz Composer Pie Macro Patch
    Quartz Composer Pie Macro Patch
  4. Magic Mouse With LED magic mouse led apple hardware light glow bluetooth device concept mac icon
    View Magic Mouse With LED
    Magic Mouse With LED
  5. 2048 For Photoshop 2048 photoshop extension plugin plug-in panel ps game puzzle
    View 2048 For Photoshop
    2048 For Photoshop
  6. Knob knob value number rotate ios app ui
    View Knob
  7. Tags tag tags add gif avatar tooltip daftpunk tagging drag demo
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  8. GFW gfw icon vpn proxy https shadowsocks ssh goagent ios app
    View GFW
  9. Animated Safari Icon gif animate safari icon browser compass internet
    View Animated Safari Icon
    Animated Safari Icon
  10. v2ex icon v2ex icon favicon
    View v2ex icon
    v2ex icon
  11. Flat icon flat icon bag code work mail service tie circle tech message
    View Flat icon
    Flat icon
  12. Long Shadow Generator for Photoshop long shadow generator photoshop plugin extension panel flat ps
    View Long Shadow Generator for Photoshop
    Long Shadow Generator for Photoshop
  13. GIF gif flat colorful animation
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  14. iPhone5 Mockup Template Free PSD download iphone5 mockup template free psd download freebie screen resource showcase iphone hand
    View iPhone5 Mockup Template Free PSD download
    iPhone5 Mockup Template Free PSD download
  15. Scan QRcode scan qr qrcode animate animation star flat gif
    View Scan QRcode
    Scan QRcode
  16. Josephine's Shop josephine shop icon app ios design window orange buy sell glass ray
    View Josephine's Shop
    Josephine's Shop
  17. Tabbar.gif tabbar camera lens animation light effect gif scroll ios app design ux icons
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  18. Flat icons of SmartisanOS (jff) smartisan theme flat style app screen android rom 罗永浩 锤子 icons
    View Flat icons of SmartisanOS (jff)
    Flat icons of SmartisanOS (jff)
  19. Tik,Tok switch switchy open close settings option toggle power icon app design
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  20. Minecraft minecraft pickaxe mine craft diamonds game icon pixel art
    View Minecraft
  21. Drop icon drop icon ios design ui app water rain green
    View Drop icon
    Drop icon
  22. Camera + Recorder movie film video shadow white lens camera recorder icon leather blue red record photo
    View Camera + Recorder
    Camera + Recorder
  23. Disc Clock disc clock time music widget
    View Disc Clock
    Disc Clock
  24. Watch icon metal photoshop time wood design leather hour minutes second texture watch
    View Watch
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