1. 001 - Login Screen (Daily UI Challenge) 001 daily ui challenge dailyui dailyui001 login
    View 001 - Login Screen (Daily UI Challenge)
    001 - Login Screen (Daily UI Challenge)
  2. Stack A.I. Engine 1/3 a.i. artificial intelligence departments ibm watson s space management stack stack ai stacking
    View Stack A.I. Engine 1/3
    Stack A.I. Engine 1/3
  3. Stack A.I. Engine running 2/3 a.i. artificialintelligence autostack ibm watson magic wand minimalistic ui simple space management stack stacking
    View Stack A.I. Engine running 2/3
    Stack A.I. Engine running 2/3
  4. A.I. Engine Result 3/3 ai artificial intelligence ibm watson scenarios space management stacking
    View A.I. Engine Result 3/3
    A.I. Engine Result 3/3
  5. Dashboard Today cost per employee dashboard dashboard design dashboard ui growth minimal ui minimalism minimalist opportunity revenue sales sales dashboard today top sellers
    View Dashboard Today
    Dashboard Today
  6. Chets Savings Dashboard annual cost barchart cost cost per employee dashboard design growth growth projection opportunity projection savings savings dashboard summary today ui
    View Chets Savings Dashboard
    Chets Savings Dashboard
  7. Summer Olympics T-shirt Design design engineering contest graphics may the best team win olympics summer tshirt
    View Summer Olympics T-shirt Design
    Summer Olympics T-shirt Design
  8. Design Posters / UX Manifesto design design consistent driven by data focus on customer lead by design manifesto ux
    View Design Posters / UX Manifesto
    Design Posters / UX Manifesto
  9. Asset List for Security Analyst assetlist management secure security threat threat list vulnerabilities web app
    View Asset List for Security Analyst
    Asset List for Security Analyst
  10. Sunburst Data Visualization advanced data visualization buildings d3js data data visualization data viz drag and drop elegant ui floors innovative lollipop planning simple ui space sunburst uiux web ui zoomin
    View Sunburst Data Visualization
    Sunburst Data Visualization
  11. Credit Card App app bank branding credit card design donut chart fin tech finance icon line chart mobile app mobile app design mobile dashboard shopping cart transactions ui ux
    View Credit Card App
    Credit Card App
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