1. What's in the Box? blog illustration branding bright design graphic design illustration type
    View What's in the Box?
    What's in the Box?
  2. 3d AfterEffects Testing 3d aftereffects animation box design illustration infinite test
    View 3d AfterEffects Testing
    3d AfterEffects Testing
  3. Holiday Texture design fireplace holidays illustration stockings tree vintage window xmas
    View Holiday Texture
    Holiday Texture
  4. Waterfall Logo branding design graphic design illustration logo mountains type waterfall
    View Waterfall Logo
    Waterfall Logo
  5. Inappropriate Kids Book book bricks character childrens book design graphic design illustration test texture wood
    View Inappropriate Kids Book
    Inappropriate Kids Book
  6. Rejected Logo Concept branding comma communication design graphic design letter logo punctuation s skeaking type
    View Rejected Logo Concept
    Rejected Logo Concept
  7. Discarded Poster Concept brothers character coffin dead design dig illustration movie poster skull
    View Discarded Poster Concept
    Discarded Poster Concept
  8. Logo/Doodle Mashup branding design graphic design illustration letters logo mashup punctuation quote marks s typography
    View Logo/Doodle Mashup
    Logo/Doodle Mashup
  9. Old Screen Printing Items design illustration ink print screenprintign type
    View Old Screen Printing Items
    Old Screen Printing Items
  10. Final Logo branding c camp community design f florida football letters logo mongram state type
    View Final Logo
    Final Logo
  11. Waterfall logo branding design illustration logo type vintage
    View Waterfall logo
    Waterfall logo
  12. Selected Concept branding c camp design f florida football letters logo negative space type
    View Selected Concept
    Selected Concept
  13. FCFC branding c camp characters design f florida football logo mark type
    View FCFC
  14. Street View buildings city design hotel illustration main strete poster sky town vintage
    View Street View
    Street View
  15. Brand Work branding design graphic design icons illustration logo mountain type
    View Brand Work
    Brand Work
  16. Gainesville branding design florida gator graphic design illustration logo uf vintage
    View Gainesville
  17. Testing design grain graphic design illustration logo saw suit testing vintage wood
    View Testing
  18. National French Fry Day animation character design french fries holiday potato
    View National French Fry Day
    National French Fry Day
  19. Food Truck Branded Merch branding design food truck fried dough graphic design illustration tshirt type vintage
    View Food Truck Branded Merch
    Food Truck Branded Merch
  20. Chewy animation black and white character chew design expression face illustration mouth rigging
    View Chewy
  21. Blinker animation baby blink character design illustration movement rig
    View Blinker
  22. Animation Test animation character design illustration movement test
    View Animation Test
    Animation Test
  23. Small Bite animation baby bite character design graphic design illustration mom
    View Small Bite
    Small Bite
  24. Final Tweaks branding brush custom design local logo probono script type typography
    View Final Tweaks
    Final Tweaks
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