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Eleven James approached Rainfall to refresh their online experience to create greater appeal for their young professional audience.

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Eleven James Watch & Earn Tag

December 05, 2018

In many cases, multiple versions of illustrations and graphic elements were created for user testing and optimization of the overall experience.

Eleven James Watch & Earn Tag

December 04, 2018

To convey various necessary information throughout the experience, photography was mixed with additional design elements that subtly add to user comprehension.

Eleven James Watch & Earn Questionnaire

December 03, 2018

All form elements on the Eleven James site lean on strong iconography and minimal inputs to encourage visitors to complete the input process.

Eleven James Membership Levels

November 30, 2018

Eleven James offers several membership tiers, each containing multiple potential price points. Our goal was to strip away any excess interface so that information could be clearly presented alongside informative imagery of watches that b...

Eleven James Watch & Earn Page

November 29, 2018

In addition to borrowing watches from Eleven James's collection, they encourage members to loan their watches into the ecosystem for other users. We created a simple form where users provide information about their timepieces and are giv...

Eleven James Gifting Page

November 28, 2018

Modern, bold typography conveys pricing information clearly while still allowing the beautiful watch imagery to command the composition without cluttering the layout.

Eleven James Collection Page

August 31, 2018

Offering an elevated browsing experience we let the timepieces speak for themselves on the collections experience. This approach of favoring the discovery of unique timepieces rather than the embellishment of the website itself naturally...

Eleven James Mobile Pages

August 30, 2018

A key vehicle for new signups is word of mouth, so we made it easy for members to show off to their friends while out socializing. The entire Eleven James experience is responsive, meaning that browsing the collection, signing up, and se...