Marketing Library. How we handle common elements

September 12, 2014

Hey friends. Usually we work by creating a separate library of structured elements. As new designs are added we then add back elements to the library. If there are elements which are very similar - they are combined into one. In our e...

Customer Story

September 12, 2014

Hola. Another screen from new marketing site. This time it's the one showcasing customer story pages. Basically these are different case studies showing how they use Calendly and which results they get. Make sure to check out attachment...


August 11, 2014

A simple and minimal intro screen for the current project.

Responsive views inside the app

June 26, 2014

Hi friends! Everything on Calendly is responsive, but not only that. It also was made totally mobile first. With that Desktop is always the last breakpoint and there isn't that much changes compared to the Tablet. Press "L" if you lik...


June 25, 2014

Theme customization for Calendly. Initially you can switch between Light and Dark one. However more themes would be coming in future. Press "L" if you like this shot. Follow me on: Twitter | Instagram | Facebook

From wires to designs

June 24, 2014

Quick sketch for one of the steps for the main invitee flow. Wanted to play on transition between wireframe and actual design. >> Press "L" if you like this shot. Follow me on: Twitter | Instagram | Facebook

Simple event scheduling

May 20, 2014

Aloha, Dribbblers! We're very excited to become a part of this lovely community. First shot is for an awesome scheduling app called Calendly. You can check it out on More to follow. Stay tuned. >> Press "L" ...

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