1. Add cupcakes to Platters Product

  2. Add food to platters

  3. Compose Food Photo

  4. Face retouching

  5. Fitness photo edit for website slider

  6. Gym photo edit for clothing brand

  7. Remove Backgrounds From Headshots

  8. Blackandwhite To Color

  9. Restoration Old Photo

  10. Compose heart and Mind to a picture

  11. Compose Aquae Jewells in snow

  12. Paint background to all black

  13. Fashion Photo Enhancement

  14. Party Edit

  15. Cocoa Butter Edit for Amazon

  16. Aquae Jewells

  17. Baby Swaddle Compose on stock image

  18. Baby cloth background Removal

  19. Shoe Pictures Retouch

  20. Fashion photo color correction

  21. Shea Butter Product BG Removal

  22. Greecobe Green Coffee White BG

  23. Shoe Retoching

  24. Change background color

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