1. Business Card Design

  2. Surfboard Icon

  3. Bottle Label Design that didn't make it...

  4. Scranton "The Electric City"

  5. Beer Can Guitar Label Design

  6. Seafood Call to Action

  7. German Brewery Logo Refresh

  8. Can you name the symbol?

  9. Wedding DJ Flat Icons

  10. Flat Desk Items

  11. Charleston Single Icon

  12. Port City Media Co. Nav

  13. German Brewery Identity Refresh

  14. Skull Candle

  15. Vertical Business Cards

  16. Rescue Blues Rock Band Identity

  17. Cedars at Hudson Bridge

  18. Isometric Office

  19. Oktoberfest Downloadable Vector Icon Pack

  20. Happy National Underwear Day!

  21. Digit Sells Charleston Real Estate Logo

  22. Real Estate Agent Visual Branding

  23. Corporate Report

  24. Real Estate Logo T-Shirt

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