1. Sofia website 1 branding design insurance landing page product purple
    View Sofia website
    Sofia website
  2. Portofolio rebrand branding design landing page logo porfolio product design ui ux website
    View Portofolio rebrand
    Portofolio rebrand
  3. Floppy figma figma figmadesign floppy floppydisk illustration
    View Floppy figma
    Floppy figma
  4. Welcome to your new home android health home screen homepage insurance insurance app insuretech ios ios app menu menu card navigation redesign secitons ui ux
    View Welcome to your new home
    Welcome to your new home
  5. Book index - Box model practice app book book index books bookstore box model ebook ebook reader index navigation table of contents typography ui
    View Book index - Box model practice
    Book index - Box model practice
  6. Smart mug settings - Font size practice about coffee cup draggable font size settings smart mug temperature ui
    View Smart mug settings - Font size practice
    Smart mug settings - Font size practice
  7. Navigation components component library components design system design systems figma design library navigation navigation bar
    View Navigation components
    Navigation components
  8. Diseño con eñe branding illustration podcast art
    View Diseño con eñe
    Diseño con eñe
  9. Cart interaction cart checkout checkout edit interaction design motion design payment ui ux webapps
    View Cart interaction
    Cart interaction
  10. Selected state card interaction design motion design selected selected card ui ux
    View Selected state
    Selected state
  11. Plastic artist portfolio artist artist portfolio landing landing page minimalist pastel personal website portfolio user interface
    View Plastic artist portfolio
    Plastic artist portfolio
  12. Portfolio revamped clean interface landing page personal site portfolio projects ui ux
    View Portfolio revamped
    Portfolio revamped
  13. Project creation onboarding agency clean client design interface minimal modal onboarding project creation project manager ui ux
    View Project creation onboarding
    Project creation onboarding
  14. Yosemite conservacy challenge app app redesign donation flows guide ios 11 iphonex mobile ui yosemitechallenge
    View Yosemite conservacy challenge
    Yosemite conservacy challenge
  15. Fire station stickers 👨🏽‍🚒🔥 axes cartoon fire fire extinguisher firefighter fireman gloves orange red stickers
    View Fire station stickers 👨🏽‍🚒🔥
    Fire station stickers 👨🏽‍🚒🔥
  16. dashboard 2.0 admin dashboard design systems panel redesign shipment
    View dashboard 2.0
    dashboard 2.0
  17. landing visual early explorations early concept exploration illustrations landing landing page shipping web page
    View landing visual early explorations
    landing visual early explorations
  18. Package shipment box carrier illustration minimalistic package shipment shipping
    View Package shipment
    Package shipment
  19. Little blobs blog cute design emoji flat icon illustration little minimal post tiny
    View Little blobs
    Little blobs
  20. Heart attack app android app care clean health health care heart ios medical npo white
    View Heart attack app
    Heart attack app
  21. mienvio rebranding brand branding color glyph isotype logo logotype rebranding startup wordmark
    View mienvio rebranding
    mienvio rebranding
  22. Packaging your goods blog post box cover cover image illustration packaging shimpment
    View Packaging your goods
    Packaging your goods
  23. Workflow 🤓 atomic design design interfaces process symbols ui ux workflow
    View Workflow 🤓
    Workflow 🤓
  24. Gaming Icons controller game gaming icon illustration nes nintendo snes video games
    View Gaming Icons
    Gaming Icons
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