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An instant portfolio, powered by Dribbble, at your domain

Playbook example
  1. Feature you Icon playbook

    Just you and your work

    Playbook is a simple, customizable portfolio, powered by your Dribbble profile. We strip away the Dribbble brand, leaving you with a streamlined website that’s instantly available.

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    Powered by Dribbble

    Your Playbook is populated by the same content and profile info you’re already sharing on Dribbble. Forget separate portfolios that are rarely updated. Playbook can be your most current or curated work, presented elegantly.

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    Quickly edit the layout, font, background, info to show or hide, etc. And most importantly, choose the work you want to feature on your Playbook and reorder it. Or have it automatically populate using your latest or most popular shots.

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    Responsive ready

    We’ve made Playbook responsive out of the box. Your work will display beautifully on screens small and large.

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    Custom domain

    Your Playbook will be hosted at—but you can also point your own domain name to it. It’s your own website, and it doesn’t get any easier than this.

Icon warning prompt 2x For Invited Designers Only

At this time, Playbook is only available to designers that have been invited to share work on Dribbble. Learn more about our invitation process.

Included with Pro

Playbook is just part of the giant pile of features (attachments, projects, lists, stats, sell your goods, deals, etc.) included with Pro.