1. OCBC 2023: Final branding church evangelism missions seed
    View OCBC 2023: Final
    OCBC 2023: Final
  2. OCBC 2023: Take 2 artwork blue branding church medication oceancity scifi
    View OCBC 2023: Take 2
    OCBC 2023: Take 2
  3. OCBC 2023: Take 1 artwork church energy intense
    View OCBC 2023: Take 1
    OCBC 2023: Take 1
  4. OCBC 2022 branding church color
    View OCBC 2022
    OCBC 2022
  5. OCBC 2021 church colorful illustration
    View OCBC 2021
    OCBC 2021
  6. Plasticmind Logo Refresh logo logotype plasticmind proximanova refresh watercolor
    View Plasticmind Logo Refresh
    Plasticmind Logo Refresh
  7. Thoughtful Gardner Logo (very smol) lineart logo pencil reduce shovel small spade thoughtfulgardner tiny
    View Thoughtful Gardner Logo (very smol)
    Thoughtful Gardner Logo (very smol)
  8. Salt & Light light particles
    View Salt & Light
    Salt & Light
  9. Plasticmind.com Redesign
    View Plasticmind.com Redesign
    Plasticmind.com Redesign
  10. Without Spot or Wrinkle conference displacement fabric illustration logo oceancity spot stain wrinkle
    View Without Spot or Wrinkle
    Without Spot or Wrinkle
  11. First Annual Cousin's Camp camp logo tshirt wood
    View First Annual Cousin's Camp
    First Annual Cousin's Camp
  12. Behold Our God bright god mountains pink saturated
    View Behold Our God
    Behold Our God
  13. Grapeville Guardians logo school sports
    View Grapeville Guardians
    Grapeville Guardians
  14. The Thoughtful Gardner logo stamp
    View The Thoughtful Gardner
    The Thoughtful Gardner
  15. OCBC 2015 handwritten
    View OCBC 2015
    OCBC 2015
  16. Life & Doctrine church conference logo
    View Life & Doctrine
    Life & Doctrine
  17. Funcycled bird chic logo modern troy vintage
    View Funcycled
  18. Plasticmind Logo, circa 1997 photoshop plasticwrap retro smh truespace
    View Plasticmind Logo, circa 1997
    Plasticmind Logo, circa 1997
  19. SR Logo Refresh blog food logo
    View SR Logo Refresh
    SR Logo Refresh
  20. Milkshake illustration sucks
    View Milkshake
  21. Being Unpopular illustration
    View Being Unpopular
    Being Unpopular
  22. Skeeter a whole new world karaoke mosquito sushipower
    View Skeeter
  23. Food + Flower flower logo simplyrecipes spoons
    View Food + Flower
    Food + Flower
  24. Logo Tweaks flower logo simplyrecipes spoons
    View Logo Tweaks
    Logo Tweaks
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