1. Sun motion graphic motion design after effects animation after effect animation illustraion
    View Sun
  2. Spiritual figma sinus plane colors color theory abstract kandinsky mystic magic illustration playfair display typogaphy rhythm grid fibonacci golden ratio harmony art spiritual first
    View Spiritual
  3. i'm antique cyberpunk brutalism punk creeping line arrow blur background blur background color palette yellow green gradient stroke about us typogaphy font trends 2021 trends 2020 trends antique
    View i'm antique
    i'm antique
  4. Leaflog minimal linesart lines color palette color fresh leaf social network social media ecology eco green antique playfair display landing main page
    View Leaflog
  5. Personal portfolio art colorful portfolio website portfolio design projects experiment minimal mainpage psychology colors itten bauhaus typogaphy shapes personal portfolio
    View Personal portfolio
    Personal portfolio
  6. menu iphone cropped tap flick venus animation widget one-handed iphone figma menu
    View menu iphone cropped
    menu iphone cropped
  7. the planets & you ios13 ios dark mode dark theme galleries news long press longpress cards card dark mars venus space moon astrology astronomy planet
    View the planets & you
    the planets & you
  8. Bathos sketches ridiculous onion analysis mind map ideas drawing sultan bathos illustration
    View Bathos
  9. DS PA cards blue plants 2020 vector ui beautiful ui minimal projects dashboad personal account atomic component design system portfolio
    View DS PA
    DS PA
  10. Form Builder Components switch radio button checkbox error message error select textarea input uikit component form autolayout
    View Form Builder Components
    Form Builder Components
  11. Subscription Page subscribe form subscriptions subscription monthly annual checkout process checkout flow checkout form checkout page checkout marketing selection chips teacher pupil student school learning e-learning education
    View Subscription Page
    Subscription Page
  12. Dashboard for Protopia accessibility dark ui dark theme analytics dashboard analytics status declined reaction response member advisor student request dashboad
    View Dashboard for Protopia
    Dashboard for Protopia
  13. Bottom Sheets transactions balance financial app financial banking fund money transfer navigation tab bar bottom sheet
    View Bottom Sheets
    Bottom Sheets
  14. How To Work With Colors whitespace spacing layout typography background header contrast ratio contrast accessibility colorscheme colorswatch color theory color theme colours colors
    View How To Work With Colors
    How To Work With Colors
  15. Input Field / Form / Text Field surveys survey forms clean design clean ui clean minimal attachments attachment add documents input fields field text field form design form field form input box input field input
    View Input Field / Form / Text Field
    Input Field / Form / Text Field
  16. Corporate messenger workplace team data file sharing group chat user roles roles chat collaboration platform collaboration team messenger team
    View Corporate messenger
    Corporate messenger
  17. Lumi // Landing Page minimalism minimal funnel redesign eth btc crypto wallet wallet crypto exchange exchange blockchain cryptocurrency blockchain crypto currency crypto landing page landing
    View Lumi // Landing Page
    Lumi // Landing Page
  18. TUI Group simple design leisure numbers steps tourism value focus attention ui desgin color hierarchy longread landing landing page clear design clear minimalism minimal process simplicity
    View TUI Group
    TUI Group
  19. Settings Backdrop for TradingView drop down settings trading platform trading dialog dialogs switches switcher tab bars field button slider check list checkboxes checkbox line tabs element backdrop mobile
    View Settings Backdrop for TradingView
    Settings Backdrop for TradingView
  20. Paxful western union paypal bank transfer pay settings wallet app wallet sort filters gift card fee purchase offers btc bitcoin buy bitcoin user experience engagement customer mobile
    View Paxful
  21. Request Funds Screen
    View Request Funds Screen
    Request Funds Screen
  22. Request Invoice Information description currency fund invoice design payment platform platform payment screen payment form payment btc ethereum blockchain cryptocurrency crypto currency crypto wallet crypto blockchain bitcoin information invoice request
    View Request Invoice Information
    Request Invoice Information
  23. History Tab ethereum bitcoin payment cancelled completed add funds received send request eur usd btc amount status dashboard address cryptocurrency crypto blockchain
    View History Tab
    History Tab
  24. Admin Dashboard identification passport digital blockchain crypto contact general upload information personal customer kyc dashboard admin dashboard
    View Admin Dashboard
    Admin Dashboard
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