1. Seal for Nakhon Sawan Province, one of Thailand's province

  2. House symbol for a private event venue

  3. Stamp for South American Handmade Chocolate Manufacturer

  4. Hungarian National Bank: Currencies of Kings Exhibition

  5. Logo for Eye Makeup Cosmetics Brand

  6. Logo for Cirkle. A sustainable bedding linen company.

  7. Stamp for Krausz Handmade Chocolate

  8. Logotype for Dada Interiors, a Budapest-based interior architect

  9. Logo for an Israeli based B2B e-commerce development agency. 🚢

  10. Logo for Laith El-Bahrani Architect

  11. Logo for Veszprem, the City of Queens

  12. Conserva Collective Damiana Soap Bar Packaging

  13. Conserva Collective Damiana Liquid Soap Packaging

  14. Conserva Collective Towel Logo Embroidery

  15. Conserva Collective Damiana Soap Sample Packaging

  16. Krausz Handmade Chocolate Business cards

  17. Krausz Handmade Chocolate Website

  18. Krausz Handmade Chocolate Packaging

  19. Krausz Packaging Design

  20. Stationary for AP+ Dentistry

  21. AP+ Dentistry Icons

  22. Patch Design

  23. New York Patch

  24. Embroidered patch design

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