1. Băneasa logo redesign windmill corn pastal brand design branding redesign before after romania minimal pczohtas design package mill b logo mill logo logo letter b pasta mill baneasa
    Băneasa logo redesign
  2. Kookta delivery delivery burgers checkout cart detail view venue web design pczohtas food ordering ordering kookta delivery ux  ui product design delivery service food and drink catering food app delivery app
    Kookta delivery
  3. Real Estate App Concept tablet agency architecture modern design ui pczohtas ipad property minimal app dribbble best shot real estate branding real estate agency home real estate
    Real Estate App Concept
  4. Customer Support ios pczohtas startups product design uxui design minimal users help center helpdesk clients customer support message direct message daily ui 013 dailyui
    Customer Support
  5. eShop Redesign redesign shop e shop estore ecommerce game game store regatul jocurilor red raven games megaland online store store app webshop website daily ui 012 design pczohtas
    eShop Redesign
  6. Flash Message Animation dribbble upload notification popup message flash message principle for mac interaction transition interaction design pczohtas minimal animation ui design design daily ui 011
    Flash Message Animation
  7. Share Interaction principle for mac microinteraction article topics pczohtas minimal iphone socialmedia twitter facebook instagram golden luxury modern house architecture interaction animation share daily ui 010 dailyui
    Share Interaction
  8. Winamp 2020 retro 90s minimal daily challange hiphop pczohtas uiux design music dark ui spotify winamp music player music app dailui daily ui 009
    Winamp 2020
  9. Page 404 missing ux ui design royal mario browser error 404 uiux pczohtas game nintendoswitch switch wario website nintendo 404 error daily ui 008 dailyui
    Page 404
  10. Game Settings UI iphone augmented reality oculus steam virtual reality dark ui principle for mac microinteraction interaction animation settings game pczohtas dailyui daily ui 007
    Game Settings UI
  11. Steam Profile Redesign Concept valve pczohtas profile epic games nintendo desktop app dark ui electronicarts xbox playstation steam client daily ui 006 dailyui ux ui gaming game steam
    Steam Profile Redesign Concept
  12. Truck App Icon startup vehicle logo auto interaction delivery app cybertruck clean ui parcel icon truck icon minimal pczohtas icons grid ios app icon animation daily ui 005 dailyui appicon app
    Truck App Icon
  13. Retro Calculator App 80s app digital pczohtas daily ui 004 daily ui challenge dailyui darkui dark retro ios sharp sharp elsi mini calculator ui calculator
    Retro Calculator App
  14. Landing Page Animation principle for mac landing page ui ux design dan pena pczohtas web design ui animation animation daily ui 003 dailyui
    Landing Page Animation
  15. Nintendo Switch eShop eshop dark mode ux design ui animation animation pczohtas checkout game ui cyberpunk 2077 nintendo switch nintendo
    Nintendo Switch eShop
  16. Sign up daily pczohtas doodle webdesign website challenge uidesign log in sign up authentication dailyui
    Sign up
  17. American truck emblem symbol courier parcel logo design american truck illustration american car pczohtas logo transport truck minimal truck truck logo
    American truck
  18. Leave Manager (iOS11) halcyonmobile pczohtas leavemanager apple iphonex ui ux design mobile application app ios11
    Leave Manager (iOS11)
  19. Donut pink design graphic design pczohtas donut blender 3d 3d art 3d blender3d blender
  20. B + Paper Sheet branding logo pánczél otto b and paper sheet sheet minimal pczohtas letter mark paper roll parchment paper b mark b logo
    B + Paper Sheet
  21. DG Photography flat minimal logo pczohtas pcz panczel otto photography dslr camera
    DG Photography
  22. Statistics (Dark) mobile app ux design ui design dark theme iphonex ios11 animation halcyonmobile pczohtas design statistics
    Statistics (Dark)
  23. SM logo edgy flat initial monogram grid minimal pczohtas logo sm
    SM logo
  24. Sounder - iOS 11 Smart To-Do soundrecord notification microinteraction animation ui ux design mobile application app ios11 ios
    Sounder - iOS 11 Smart To-Do
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