1. Update to PatrickDouglas.ca cooper black green music musician web
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    Update to PatrickDouglas.ca
  2. Patrick Douglas Landing Page cooper black green landing page music musician website
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    Patrick Douglas Landing Page
  3. Mid-Century Modern Buttons button mid century modern web web design website
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    Mid-Century Modern Buttons
  4. Menu Animation animation blog css css animation dark mode dark ui hover hover animation hover effect hover state light ui menu navigation navigation menu personal personal brand personal website web web design website
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    Menu Animation
  5. Expressive Face-Mask Emojis emoji emoji set emojis emoticon emotion face face mask mask masks
    View Expressive Face-Mask Emojis
    Expressive Face-Mask Emojis
  6. New Wonderful Wonders duck illustration make happy store t shirt t shirt design t shirt illustration
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    New Wonderful Wonders
  7. Duck Iterated duck duckling illustration illustrations logo rubber duck
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    Duck Iterated
  8. Duck! duck fun illustration illustrations logo
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  9. Animated Portfolio Scrolling animation css3 design freight sans javascript portfolio portfolio design scrolling web
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    Animated Portfolio Scrolling
  10. Hitchens blog eb garamond jekyll theme web yellow
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  11. Portfolio Refresh golden ratio grid jekyll portfolio web
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    Portfolio Refresh
  12. Unsolicited responsive design proposal for daringfireball.net ★ 4a525a daring fireball possibly illegal proposal spec unofficial unsolicited web
    View Unsolicited responsive design proposal for daringfireball.net ★
    Unsolicited responsive design proposal for daringfireball.net ★
  13. Page Spread book fun indesign page layout
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    Page Spread
  14. Pull quote blog freight sans quote type web
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    Pull quote
  15. Unsolicited Sonos Redesign ios redesign seriously wtf unsolicited
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    Unsolicited Sonos Redesign
  16. Platero Visual branding icon logo sketch
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    Platero Visual
  17. Goodbits goodbits marketing web
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  18. Better Navigation navigation web
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    Better Navigation
  19. Freelancing freelance personal
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  20. Inline Product adobe garamond fashion rye 51 shopify web
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    Inline Product
  21. Rye 51 adobe garamond brandon grotesque fashion shopify store web
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    Rye 51
  22. Homepage Signup proxima nova signup web
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    Homepage Signup
  23. Work With Us adelle contact form proxima nova web
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    Work With Us
  24. Add Content draft goodbits sketch ui
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    Add Content
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