1. Carpool App Design bangalore concept figma uiux ui design
    View Carpool App Design
    Carpool App Design
  2. QuickRide Redesign redesign concept figma bangalore uiux ui design
    View QuickRide Redesign
    QuickRide Redesign
  3. TravelWell Screens figma uiux bangalore travel app ui ux ui travel concept design
    View TravelWell Screens
    TravelWell Screens
  4. Dashboard UI graphs interactions concept figma dashboard ui ui design
    View Dashboard UI
    Dashboard UI
  5. Lo-Fi Wireframes for TravelWell low fidelity wireframes figma bangalore uiux ui design
    View Lo-Fi Wireframes for TravelWell
    Lo-Fi Wireframes for TravelWell
  6. Information Architecture- EasyLoan App uiux ui information architecture ia design
    View Information Architecture- EasyLoan App
    Information Architecture- EasyLoan App
  7. Wireframes for Easy LoanApp bangalore figma uiux design ui wireframe design wireframing wireframes
    View Wireframes for Easy LoanApp
    Wireframes for Easy LoanApp
  8. EasyLoan App uxdesign user interface ui design figma ux ui design
    View EasyLoan App
    EasyLoan App
  9. TravelWell - Corporate Travel App designer travel ux design vector concept figma bangalore uiux ui design
    View TravelWell - Corporate Travel App
    TravelWell - Corporate Travel App
  10. Gnani Voice Editor voice editer speech uiux ui design
    View Gnani Voice Editor
    Gnani Voice Editor
  11. Sign-In Concept figma uiux ui design
    View Sign-In Concept
    Sign-In Concept
  12. Refer & Earn concept illustration figma uidesign uiux ui
    View Refer & Earn
    Refer & Earn
  13. Clock App Challenge figma redesign concept uiux ui redesign design
    View Clock App Challenge
    Clock App Challenge
  14. Grocery Shopping App grocery app concept app ux ui design
    View Grocery Shopping App
    Grocery Shopping App
  15. Sushi Restaurant App Design user interface figma vector sushi app restaurant concept food-app uiux ui animation design
    View Sushi Restaurant App Design
    Sushi Restaurant App Design
  16. Settings Page Design product design animation interactions settings uiux ui interface
    View Settings Page Design
    Settings Page Design
  17. Scroll Design figma principle ux ui interactions interactive bangalore design
    View Scroll Design
    Scroll Design
  18. Onboarding Bits product design vector uxdesign design uidesign onboarding uiux ui
    View Onboarding Bits
    Onboarding Bits
  19. Stardust pattern flomotion stardust particle bangalore design animation after effect
    View Stardust
  20. Sphere Animation network after effect animation connecting dots spheres
    View Sphere Animation
    Sphere Animation
  21. Line Graph Animation design animation 2d number animation after effects animation graph
    View Line Graph Animation
    Line Graph Animation
  22. Folding Cube Animation animation cube folding cube after effect adobe
    View Folding Cube Animation
    Folding Cube Animation
  23. Speech To Text Animation wavewarp wave voice assistant text voice after effect animation
    View Speech To Text Animation
    Speech To Text Animation
  24. Voice Assistant Animation voice assistant bangalore design ui vector microphone animation after effects animation design animation voice assistant
    View Voice Assistant Animation
    Voice Assistant Animation
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