1. Verse Homepage Design Scrolling

  2. Verse Poetry Responsive Website Design

  3. Laying the Foundations Book

  4. Laying the Foundations Website

  5. Full preview of Zitkala-Sa landing page

  6. Zitkala-Sa

  7. All the screens in 20 seconds

  8. Non-profit UI Kit Mobile Screens

  9. Non-profit UI Kit Components

  10. New non-profit UI Kit

  11. New site in action

  12. New Owltastic

  13. Adobe Hidden Treasures Design Detail Shot

  14. Adobe Hidden Treasures Design

  15. Another Behavior Change for Good Design

  16. Creating Behavior Change for Good

  17. Jane Addams Landing Page Detail

  18. Jane Addams Landing Page

  19. Free UI Elements for Mobile App Design

  20. Starter UI Kit for AdobeXD

  21. Detail shot of timeline and quotes from Wangari Maathai

  22. Wangari Maathai Landing Page

  23. Mobile design for a financial software company website

  24. Marketing concept for a financial software company

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